Between The Reality And The Fallacy By Adeyinka

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Recently, a lot has happened in Nigerian political atmosphere.

In this particular write-up Adeyinka, OUR WORLD GIST’s Columnist, reacts on the recent allegation against the number two commander of Nigerian Government in what he entitles; Between The Reality And The Fallacy.

Let us read what he has to say;

” At a point at which they gobbled at our feet, they uttered like it has been rehearsed a night before dawn saying “Our government will make you taller, smarter, fatter and remove the crabgrass on your lawn” – the other says, your government doesn’t work and then they get elected and prove it.

Lies and falsehood preoccupies the vault of the media space, even at the helm at which the infamous Deputy Lord Commander of the Upper-room is now a cross between a must-resigned contest and an impeachment debate with an encyclopedia of clichés the first prize.

Those phony political jobbers and marauders are not smiling at all, since the sound of the talking drum doesn’t in its entirety; synchronize with the lyrics of the music being played.

One ought to recognize that the present political ups and downs is somewhat connected with the decay of stalwartness, the fight for an unforeseeable race, and that one can probably bring about some scrutiny and some improvement by starting at the verbal end.

If we simplify our English, we are freed from the worst follies of orthodoxy.

You cannot speak any of the necessary dialects of the aides being escorted outside the corridor of the room to see to the continuity of their routine being appropriated to their embattled principal, and when you make a stupid remark; its stupidity will be obvious, even to yourself.

Let’s get it right, the game of done-and-dusted comes with variations, and this is true of all political cementations.

From the Lords of the Protector of the Realm and himself to the Lord Commander of the Eko Politics and their lackeys – is designed, to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.

One can’t change this all in a moment, but one can at least change one’s own habits and from time to time, one can even, if one jeers loudly enough, send some worn-out and useless phrases – some despicable utterances and verifiable inferno or other lump of verbal refuse – into the dustbin where it belongs.

It is requisite that great leaders always possess and finds a sense of balance through their level of reception, which the second-in-command had displayed and exhibited over and over again.

The prolific orator is now mute, searching for consistency in utterance; the coolness of his defending skill is second-to-none; His wings now clasped like that of a corpse waiting to be buried beneath the ground – the time of defending the Indefensible of his cohort is now forgotten in a blink.

He searched for counsel within himself.

“I have countlessly hit the base of the market square, trying to save the face of the ruling class; yet, I am being force to jump the broom”.

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Loyalty comes with a price, and the price for this – is a punch.

Before now, patriotic and concerned Nigerians were craving for a society where both political and unbiased admiration for polity and policies characterization shall be fearlessly but not ignorantly displayed dimensionally on national screen without getting a smack down from the evil warlocks. A society where the escalation for democratic dispensations, all enclosed in the cuddling for public expectations shall never ceased to hit its full energies. Rather, we kept chasing in the dark – the shadows of the nation’s struggling democracy, drowning faster like a pebble thrown in waters

Like a flash of scattered lightening, the era of epoch, smoking out the leadership illness against the wishful thinking and evil machinations of the cabals, and revamping the electoral relevance from the shackles of probable annihilation, is being boxed to a tight corner without giving it the unfolding attributes.

The nation democratic vault had been constructed to short-change the demonstrations of her dividends to the widespread populace.

Little wonder, the dividends of democracy are still crawling to her Canaan land.

Fellow Nigerians – when shall realities be considered above fallacies?

When shall our leaders direct their noble cause?

The Politricks exhibited and played by the faceless cabals are inducing agonies of policies in our polities against the mere wishes of the people, as being evident in the heinous “deposit and withdrawing palava” directed from the privy of the Upper-room.

They subjected the organogram of that product of political arrangement, the supposed guiding principle of the land, which is regarded as an academic model, to their whims and caprices, which in the reverse, isn’t favorably to the people, as it is being sidelined and captured to their corridors and that of their stooges.

This is Nigeria where our leaders have lost contact with reality.

They hear nothing; they see nothing; they feel nothing but quick in spreading paroxysm of hatred across the draw board.

Their delusional minds are soaked in the bath tub of despotism, abject negativities and self-centeredness while they show no compassion towards the populace like a sandpiper will have for a cat.

They pretend to be at loggerheads, as they play to the gallery, therein embracing deceit and subterfuge.

Those who were paid handsomely to sit behind a numeric keyboard have pitched up their game to a higher frequency, in beating into our ears against the stark reality of what we actually feel and think.

The sent raven didn’t return; the newly inaugurated EAC are in ultimate search for economic balance; the society is plying in porosity day-in-day-out, getting ransacked and pillaged from flux of bandits to the Saga of Romance from the privy of the Upper-room.

Sleep is now a mere phantasmagoria, as we got entangled at the security front.

“We are attending to other important National Issues” has now become a trending phrase in not honoring the exigent call of the House.

The fallacy continues in the open with the infamous quote “I will report you all to the President if you fail to show up”.

I want to believe the House hasn’t lost her hegemonic attributes to the path of the Upper-room.

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Truth be told – that phrase lacks leadership swag.

So soft and subtle with no political oil.

There is no nobility in the arena of the nation’s custodian of democracy, as the staggering and stuttering gavel searching for relevance and stability had been thoroughly compromised into eating its own vomit as seen in the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal Movie.

They pronounced boldly in their dairies – the law isn’t about emotional outburst or wearing of pathetic face with liquid fluids strolling down the cheek, rather it is all about evidences, facts and proofs gathered in relation to an assumed case.

These blokes have no regard for the law or the common decency.

Yes, the truth might not compulsorily win a case, you need substantial and established evidences to wholeheartedly drive and inject the syringe of your truth into the heart of the supposed judge.

But in a clime of ours, a well established proof of evidence will assuredly be view under the microscope of unending sentiments and parochial.

A clime where supportive nepotism as a self humanitarian tool has been waxing stronger from the upper cliff.

The unhidden fallacy continues in the open, as arrested militarists involved in kidnapping, ransacking and killings of those who they are vested to protect, are being suspended and stripped off of their uniforms, without having a simple rethink that they might wreak havoc in due course, since they have already blended with the evil that men perpetrate within our societies under heavens.

Our renascent democracy keeps drowning in a twinkle, waiting to be rejuvenated to its full energies, as their strife of interests continues to masquerade as a contest of principles.

The conducts of public affairs are being beclouded in personal aggrandizement for their private advantage.

It is obvious to ordinary Nigerians that the porosity of the political squabble championed from one of the upper-room corners, tells that there are many myopic souls in winkled bodies, parading themselves as the lords of the Protector of the Realm.

They are short of ideological premises in promoting democratic ethos here and there.

Against the backdrop of evil machinations, as being propounded and perpetrated by political phantoms and jobbers within the hemisphere of our porous society, the realization of a new Nigeria is still very possible via a new mind.

They have no shame – they uttered in the public arena, which doesn’t stay abreast with features of reality, but tagged it as being on-point.

They failed to have a rethink into modernity, even in the face of worse follies.

Four-plus-four was their lyrics – Next level was their appellation, yet, we still dwelled in a sapped society.

What a country!!! ”

Adeyinka writes from Lagos

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