Adejo Akwu Joseph, X-rays Tinubu’s Journey To Aso Rock ( A Lesson For Igala’s Elites )

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A Social Commentator, who also doubles as Peoples’ Democratic Party’s ( PDP ), Secretary for Idah Local Government Area of Kogi State has x-rayed President Ahmed Bola Asiwaju Tinubu’s political journey to Aso Rock stressing that it is a lesson for Igala’s Elites.

Comrade Adejo Akwu Joseph, who extolled the excellent leadership qualities of President Bola Tinubu of empowering men and women politically and otherwise blamed Igala Elites of being selfish challenging them to name who and who they have groomed to take over from them.

Adejo Akwu Joseph’s write up which generated alot of reaction on Facebook reads thus:
“Post NYSC in 2005, I craved to enrol for Direct Short Service Commission at the Nigerian Defence Academy.

Somehow, as a young graduate, my path crossed with Uncle Maxwell Appah, a Bayelsan (God bless him anywhere he is), a Major General and the Chief of Operations, Nigerian Army at that time.

He liked me and gave me audience anytime I called.

He was never at any point tired of seeing my face in his expansive office.

His lifestyle made me fall in love with the military and I asked him one day if he would assist me to join the military.

He looked at me for a while and asked why do I want to be in the military?

I can’t remember exactly my response to him anymore but long story cut short, his orderly called me up a week later to report at defence headquarters for a parcel from C.Ops.A (military men will understand) and lo and behold, it was a form purchased for me by Uncle Max! I asked to see him, but I was rudely turned back by stern looking soldiers.

One of them barked at me “c’mon, go and fill that form! C.Ops.A is not your mate! About turn!!!”不

Having taking my time to study the form, I discovered that a senior military officer from my geographical location would have to attest coupled with a whole lot of other instructions.

I asked around and was informed that there was a senior military Igala man that I should talk to.

I was able to meet him with my form in hand. I explained everything to him and begged him to help me attest my form.

He asked me to return in 2 days even though I wondered what was the issue that he couldn’t have immediately signed the form.

On the day he asked me to come, I went to his office very early.

He resumed office but didn’t attend to me until his secretary informed me that he was already on his way out with his military friends for evening games.

It was already around 5:00pm. I ran out to meet him as he was strolling out with his men but that was the day my desire to join the military fizzled out. He roared at me in anger.

He was mad at my guts to even choose him out of several Igala men in the military at that time.

He went further to ask me who told me he’s even an Igala man in the first place! He didn’t stop there.

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He told me to my face that “this is how you people will conjure your witchcraft from An矇gala looking for who to bring down!”不

At that point, fearing for my life and the job of the innocent soldier that suggested him to me, I silently prayed to God to just move me out of that complex.

I think by divine intervention, one of his friends with him, sensing that the Oga was already trying to compound issues for me, shouted at me that I should disappear in 2 seconds! I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.不不不.

I never bothered Uncle Max again because my Igala man had threatened that “if you like, report me to whoever suggested me to you, let me see how you will survive in the military.”

The rest is history but, even though I don’t have any iota of regret really but, what if I had made it to the military? What if? If I may even ask, the Oga still dey the job? Baaba go don retire by now.

But let’s fast forward.

I served the compulsory NYSC in Lagos in 2004. President Tinubu was the Governor at that time. Any real Lagosian will agree with me that BAT is Lagos and Lagos is BAT no caps.

He gathered men and advanced their career.

He ensured he projected them at every given opportunity.

Despite all odds, he stood by his men. He built bridges.

He made strategic alliances. He kept his eye on the ball.

He was forward thinking and futuristic.

Today, he’s the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria while we are busy fighting ourselves silly!

How many of our elites had made men and placed them in positions such that when they cough, Nigerians may listen and say sorry?

We say Idoko is a betrayer, Mubarak is being sponsored by bello. Okeme nor serious. Akpabana nor get liver.

I can go on and on but while the likes of Ododo and Dino are conquering grounds, we are still busy basking on our majority with no head way.

It brings me to my story. How many of our people have been empowered?

How many of our people held positions as board members, ministers post 2015? How many? Yes, we can defend this with some few persons that held peanut positions just to mock us but were either disgraced from office or were not even relevant in the first place.

That we are struggling to return power home without the platforms of the mainstream political parties should call for a sober reflection.

We are not doing well and it should sink. Where are our men? Where are our fathers that spoke truth to power?

Where are the likes of Achema? In 2019, what happened with the array of the Igalas that had their eyes on Lugard House? Who are the actors that put them down?

I will tell you this for free…if you constantly put down that stubborn man in your house at every given opportunity, when there’s a threat in your household, you may have no one to fight in defence.

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Our sad experience during the last house of assembly elections at Idah that we were cheated, harassed, shot at, even killed a promising Igala blood cos of vested interests will buttress my point.

That said, I call on our people not to disparage the gentlemen taking a shot at Lugard House whether he or she is Igala, Ebira or Okun. No one is more superior than the other.

They should all have our respect. Agreed, we should all come under the same roof if we must get the power, but at the same time, it’s expedient we understand that each and every one of them has their strategy and reason to aspire. None of them is a fool.

Let’s welcome each and everyone of them.

They are Honourable men in their own right. None of them is aspiring to “Kpan矇” and as such, An矇 will not kill them or their supporters because when you were supporting geewaibee, no An矇 killed you. It’s their right!

May the best happen to An矇gala on the long run and may Kogi triumph in our favour come November, 2023, Amen.”

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