Tips On “Social Media” By Sani Michael Omakoji

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It is no longer news that social media is now a household name around the world perhaps what is now the news is how its received around the world.

So many people have maximised social media to connect with friends, family members, and even do businesses while some others have adopted it as a platforms to criticise individuals, institutions, and even government.

In this write up, OUR WORLD GIST’s writer, Sani Michael omakoji, gives tips on “Social Media”.

Let us read what he has to say;

“Social Media Platforms are the various Apps or links we use to communicate with our fellow human beings.

Examples of these Apps are, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp and a host of many others.

Just like we have difference in background, culture, belief, and environment so also we are on these platforms for distinct reasons.

In line with the factors highlighted above; some are on social media to talk on Economy ( Business & Politics ), Social-Cultural, Entertainment, Religion and Technology.

Interestingly, one can say that there is an ample opportunity for users of social media to express themselves on virgin issues or trending issues as they revolve around the subjects mentioned above.

As a rule, nobody is under compulsion or duress to accept or obey all the posts as we are all influenced by our background or our level of awareness.

This implies that one can chose to accept or disregard with some level of modesty.

To be on a safer side, you must not comment on all issues as it is wisdom to remain mute in such situation instead of resorting to insult or degrading your friends who do not have the same orientation with you.

Thus, because you believe in Economy related topics only does not mean those who talk on religion are nonentity or because you talk on Entertainment only does not mean those who talk on religion are primitive.

Infact, one of the numerous rules of social media expressly states that “everyone’s opinion must be respected no matter how stupid it may seem”.

Hence, this further explains that, everyone on social media must not be tailored to act in your own way.

Let us remember that even Footballers who are meant to play according to coach’s instruction most times played otherwise.

At this point, let me stress that I, Sani Michael omakoji, in the course of going through some materials to put this write-up together, I discovered that to stay celebrated on social media, “tolerance and perseverance ” are both key words one must imbibe as virtues.

From my investigation also, if you have to follow up all the absurdities on social media, you might end up blocking 90% of your friends you have made over ages.

If you have not really leant anything from the above paragraphs, at least, in this later paragraph, you should understand that everyone on social media must not behave your way as we are all influenced by distinct factors to behave the way we behave on social media.

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Do you have Almighty formula to change these people to behave like you?

If No! Save yourself some stress and keep to the rules of the game….

Finally, since non of us here is under duress to comment or like on all issues, you can swallow your derogatory comment on your friends’ timelines and remain cheerful with them after all , the objective of social media is not to keep enmity but for friendship”.

Sani Michael omakoji
Social Media Commentator,
Abuja – Nigeria.

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