Abusing And Denigrating Court Judgements Should Attract Punishment – Jibrin Sam Okutepa ( SAN )

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Lately, judiciary, especially Supreme Court has been under attack by Lawyers and non lawyers alike.

The recent supreme court judgements that generated a lot of outbursts are that of Imo State Gubernatorial Judgement and that of :Bayelsa’s Gubernatorial Judgement.

The aftermaths of these judgements have made some politicians who have no idea of law interpretation that is subject to: logics, judicial precedents and constitution call judiciary all manners of abusive names.

For example, following the supreme court judgement on Bayelsa that disqualified APC’s Governor- Elect, Oshiomole who is APC’s national chairman has made some derogatory statements in such a way that is capable of causing incitement as if Supreme court does not know what they judged.

It is against this background, that Ourworldgist legal columnist has reacted below as culled from his official Facebook page.

Let us read his epic reaction:

“When I read comments of lawyers and non-lawyers alike and the insinuations inherent therein about our judicial officers, I weep for the legal profession.

The legal profession is a profession that is rooted in ethics and etiquette and it is respected the world over because it occupies very strategic position in the society.

In Nigeria, apart from courts below the Supreme Court, the decisions of Supreme Court is not subject to emotional appeals or blackmails.

It can be criticized but in doing so it must be done within the ambit of decency and decorum, with grave degree of respect to the court and the justices of that court.

But these days we see criticisms of the judgments of the Supreme Court of Nigeria being done in a manner suggestive of denigrating not only the court but the justices of that court.

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Some carry placards to protest the judgments of the Supreme Court. What does that mean?

These same people are also beneficiaries of the judgment of the Supreme Court in other cases.

Some of these people carrying placards do not understand the logic of the judgement because they are not learned in law.

Even those who understood the logic of these judgements of courts have not helped matters.

While I am not against criticising judgements of courts especially that of the Supreme Court, it must be done with respect to the court and the justices of that court.

Abusing the court and calling the justices of that court names amounts to denigrating our institutions in my respective view.

I think it is high time the Supreme Court invokes its power to punish for contempt to put an end to the insults being hauled on that court by misguided politicians who do not mean well for our judicial system”.

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