Opinion: An Emotional Reflection On The Effects Of COVID-19 By Isah Wada Odaudu

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There is no doubt that the on going pandemic occasioned by COVID-19 has overwhelmed the world including the so-called developed Nations.

Thus, the effect of COVID-19 aside economic shutdown, it brought about extreme poverty, unemployment, starvation, and general setback in all aspect of life.

In light of the above, one of ourworldgist fine writers, ISAH WADA ODAUDU, writes on what he titles as ” COVID-19 CANNOT TURN BACK THE HAND OF TIME”.

Let us read his epic write – up which ourworldgist ‘s Editor describes as “emotional, and touching”:

” Life is at times downright difficult when the unknown issues come hitting us at the foreheads.

While no one ever said that life would be easy; many of us are often unprepared for just how hard things could get.

Life can box you in and beat you down holding no bars. When we suffer through repeated failures and setbacks, the only thing we must do is to get our acts together by leaving worldly things behind and face God.

We are all faced with the big question: how can the poor and vulnerable Children and Parents weather the storm of hunger from COVID-19?

The responsibility burden is too big at the moment with the government prescribing lockdown measures with little or no supports or palliatives for the citizenry.

The Implications Of The Plunge Price Of Crude Oil On Nigerian Economy By, Sani Michael Omakoji

Would COVID-19 get any easier than this? Are these all the worsts we can ever really expect from Corona virus?

My heart goes out to all the children and parents going through some difficult times especially those who have been tested positives and lost to the dreaded disease.

Moreso, how about the thousands of men, women and children that have been turned widowers, widows and orphans all over the world by COVID-19?

Iam even crying now knowing the heartache and pains that come along with human major failures.

I know what it feels to have means of livelihood flipped upside down with many of us not knowing where to turn to or what to do next.

The Capitalists and the European Monarchies propelled by selfish principles that whites can make money while sleeping” are not working currently due to COVID-19.

The money spinning ventures like football and casinos are shutdown.

Similarly, the best football stadia are closed without timetable of seasons in sight.

World best footballers are staying at homes. The consequence of COVID-19 is alarming.

Finally, all Godly created celestial bodies like the moon, stars and the sun are still standing without expressing fear from COVID-19″.


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