Guidelines & Other Information You Need To Know To Benefit From CBN Intervention N50Billion Loan

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This is a Special intervention loan to help those that have been badly affected by the global disease COVID 19. The process is simple and fast, but you have to be 100% honest in filling the form.


1. Log in through the NIRSAL authenticity website and chose your prefer loan specification e.g Household or sme.

2. Enter all your details correctly including your BVN. Kindly note that your BVN is applicable throughout the process of your loan and as such, it will be useful in all the states of acquiring this loan.

3. A confirmed mail will be sent to you indicating you your form has been received and will be process. You will be requested to send additional document when necessary.

4. Please note that as at the time of writing this, one of the requirements for Household and sme, that is “guarantor”has been removed so therefore, it makes the process much easier.

5.You will then be notify that your loan has been approved via mail or text message.

6. Click on the link via the text or mail received and you will be refer back to the website which indicate;



7. Click the one that is applicable to you.

8.You will be ask to validate your BVN. Successful validation means your loan has been approved. Unsuccessful validation means your loan has not been approved. So you keep checking the site from time to time.

8. For successful validation of BVN, you will see your offer letter, 8 pages, read through

* Loan tenure

* Mode of payment

* Punishment for defaulters

* Interest on the loan

* Terms and condition

All of the above are enumerated in the offer of your letter.

9.Upon agreement, sign and send back to them.

10. When sending back your letter, you will be ask if you want your loan in your account or another account



So click on any of the above as it apply to you and submit.

11. Disbursement.

Please note that deduction will start as soon you commence the implementation of the loan recieved.


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