Breaking: Samzuga Releases “Link” To Employ 5 Nigerians From Each Ward Of The Federation ( Open To Apply )

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Amid ongoing pandemic orchestrated by Covid-19, Samzuga has released a link intended to employ five Nigerians from each ward of the Federation.

This massive employment by Samzuga is inline with his long standing dream to lift Africans particularly Nigerians out of vicious circle of poverty.

To actualize what Samzuga call vision 02-02-2020 to give Jobs to over 10,000 youths in Nigeria, five slots of Job opportunities have been allocated to each council Ward in Nigeria.

Their work would be to coordinate the activities of Samzuga Foundation in their respective council Wards, to ensure that the endless benefits in Samzuga Foundation reach their respective communities.

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It is therefore expected that, all applicants from such council Wards must be indigenes and must be residing among their people.

We are not employing anyone from the city to post in the village.

You must be someone who experience the pains of your people and ready to use any available opportunity to help.

People who are working before should not apply, no matter how small your Job is, even if you do and we employ you, the day we discover it, you will be sacked and jailed.

Interested Applicants can apply by either click on the link below or copy the link and paste it in a web browser (preferably ‘chrome’)

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