Special Report: Positive Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic By Glory Onozasi

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There is no doubt that the outbreak of  covid-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by the storm.

A look at the world Economy, virtually all sectors of the Economy around the globe ranging from Transport, Health, Hospitality/ Tourism, Agriculture, just to mention but a few have been affected badly.

Be that as it may, our guest reporter, Glory Onozasi, took time out to see how Kogi’s born film Maker, Samuel Jegede, is carving a niche for himself at this horrible time of the pandemic.

Let us read Glory Onozasi’s special report on “the Positive Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic”

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“While covid 19 has had negative effects on world economy, bringing untold hardships on citizens, it is important to also mention its positive impacts.

One of such is the increase in e-commerce and digital content delivery.

This trend is opening boundaries and giving opportunities to individuals with third eyes who can see the feature.

One worthy of mentioning is Samuel Adeiza Jegede, the founder and owner of veliawatv, an online digital content e-commerce website who hails from kogi central, a Lagos-bred outstanding filmmaker who has worked on numerous A-class movies before setting up veliawatv.com.

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He is an individual with impeccable taste for excellence, skilled in all areas of filmmaking.

He stated that his desire is to see a tangible increase in professional filmmakers; both male and female, producing outstanding movies, and bringing the entertainment industry of kogi state to limelight.

He also stressed, veliawatv.com is a site developed to help filmmakers sell their films as digital content, helping them earn a living from their creative efforts, adding that the world is changing and attention is tending towards usage of phones and mobile devices as means to get entertained.

The site veliawatv.com is indeed loaded with great movies worth buying.

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It will interest followers of the site to know that with as low as N200 they can download and watch a movie for your personal consumption.

A Visit to veliawatv.com now will definitely add value to your relaxation moment”.

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