Opinion: To Grow, Grow Others By, Nguvan Kyenge

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On leadership gist our coach expert in the field of leadership, Arc Nguvan Kyenge ( John Maxwell Certified) tells us about what she titles ” To Grow, Grow Others”

In her presentation, she says ” the benevolence of others helped me grow to where I am nothing wrong with doing same for others”.

Let us read Nguvan Kyenge’s full presentation below:

To Grow, Grow Others!

I once assisted a younger decorator company with props for a big event of theirs for almost free of charge.

I do that often when I can as a give back to support the growth of others.

My thoughts: the benevolence of others helped me grow to where I am nothing wrong with doing same for others.

Sadly, this particular decorator told prospective clients who saw similarity in our props that, they were the ones who did most of my jobs for me 😳😳😳.

I got to later know through one of such client who on their own later resolved to use us instead.

It was enough to get upset But looking at the bigger picture did that singular act affect my growth in the industry?


Did it diminish the popularity and demand for our outstanding company brand?


Will I keep helping others again?


I Believe everyone has got their space in the sky to shine, so I am hardly deterred by such.

Similarly, there once lived a farmer who consistently grew the most excellent wheat.
Year in year out.

At the end of every farming season, he won the award for the best wheat in his community.

One day he was asked about the key to his success.

And he replied, the key to my success is sharing my best seed with my neighbours🤔🤔😳!

Huh! How is that? Won’t they compete with you?

The farmer explained: You see the wind spreads the pollen around from everyone’s wheat and carries it from
field to field.

“If my neighbours grow inferior wheat,
cross-pollination would degrade everyone’s wheat, including mine.

“If I’m to grow the best wheat, I must help my neighbours grow the best wheat as well.”

what makes selfless people consistently lead successful and meaningful lives
is the ability to help others find what they need and contrary to the fears their selfish counterparts nurse, their wells surprisingly never run dry, they continue to excel and remain at the Top

The real value of your life is measured by the lives you touch and the impact you make by giving your best to others and helping them succeed.

To grow, grow others!

So long as the earth remains, Seed time and Harvest will never cease!

see you at the Top!’

Nguvan Kyenge
Leadership Expert
E-mail: guvie4us@yahoo.com
Facebook: Arc Nguvan Godeymysyd kyenge

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