Opinion: Sam Jibrin Okutepa ( SAN ), Laments On The State Of The Nation As He Says, ” Nigeria Is A Place Of Absurdities

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As kidnapping continues unabated; executives continue with looting, legislators only seat for allowances and judiciary delivering judgements based on “instruction or who pays the highest bidder”, Sam Jibrin Okutepa laments on the state of the Nation, Nigeria.

In his write-up in which he vehemently noted that Nigeria is a place of absurdities, Sam Jibrin Okutepa also laments that no one respects law in Nigeria.

Let us read his apt opinion:

” This country is full of absurdities. The leaders don’t care about those they led. There is uncertainties everywhere. Those who ought not to be in the office are in the offices.

Those whose duties and responsibilities it is to protect us are not doing their jobs.

Yet they draw fat and humongous salaries and allowances.

Judiciary institution is not being respected; the judicial institution itself shows no respect for itself and has refused to affirm itself independence.

Daily Nigerians are being kidnapped and the unlucky ones are slaughtered.

Yet life goes on. It is only in Nigeria that students are loaded in trucks or okada in broad day light and kidnapped and security operatives will do nothing and heads will not roll.

Then the most absurd of all, we engage in debate as to who rescued the students?

Is it the military? Miyetti Allah? or local vigilantes? It is only in Nigeria my dear country where it pays more to engage in criminal conduct than to be educated and be honest.

Jobs are sold to applicants. Elections are not won on the basis of free fair and credible polls but by ‘thuggish and tatatacracy’.

It is only in my dear country where judgments are delivered but there is no justice in it.

Nigeria my country what have we done to deserve what we see? It is only here that those who have nothing before joining politics become overnight billionaires and nobody questions their wealth.

Integrity matters not here. Force yourself in power and you remain in power.

It is only here where people who have served their terms of offices are retained in offices in breach of law and conventions.

No leader is moved by public opinions. There is nothing anyone can do.

Why are we like this? We respect no law. We seem to love lawlessness.

As I have said before and I will say it again nobody respects the law of Nigeria.

The executive does not; the judiciary does not; the legislature does not; the citizens do not; We have all chosen to be lawlessness!

I weep for my country. If we respect the law why are there no undiluted consequences?

Some people are sacred cows. They commit crimes and we worshipped them.

We honour them. We reward them. Truth matters not. Honestly Nigeria is a place of absurdities where right is wrong and wrong is right”.

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