Opinion: Governor Bello Who Has Failed Woefully Now Running Remedial Term Thinking Of Presidency Is A Joke Taking Too Far- Martins Enebi

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Nigerian Social Media Influencer popularly known as gentleman with Red Ink, Comrade Martins Enebi has described Governor Yahaya Bello’s ambition to run for presidential seat as a joke taking too far.

In his Facebook post that attracted huge comments, Mr Martins Enebi noted with dismay how can Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State who has failed his people woefully in his first tenure and now doing remedial in his second term in office could be thinking of becoming the President of Nigeria.

Mr Enebi who doubted the capacity of Governor Yahaya Bello to deliver as a leader also worried in the new trends in which array of sycophantic youths who through poor governance, high-handedness and recklessness of government have been exposed to frustration and are now subject to praise singing.

His full post reads: “My attention has been drawn to certain jokes that have severally been taken too far in Kogi State regarding the presidential aspiration of Governor YAHAYA BELLO.
Until recently, I thought it was all an attention seeking brouhaha from some overzealous supporters, I had doubted that the governor of Kogi State knew he failed during his first tenure and that he is doing a remedial term in his second tenure.

Contrary to this belief, I have discovered that certain young people are once again recruited into this campaign business for a presidential ambition of a Governor whose first tenure was riddled with innumerable crises and who, no sooner had he settled down for the second tenure to correct the so many errors of the first tenure than he abandoned the mandate in search of the presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
While I know that all Nigerians who have met certain constitutional qualifications to contest for the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can do so, you will agree with me that in addition to the constitutional requirements,there are other requirements for a would- be President of a complex society like Nigeria.

I do not think that Governor YAHAYA BELLO has what it takes to be the president of Nigeria as his performance as the Governor of Kogi State has exposed his lack of capacity, wantom profligacy and squander of public resources and trust.
My sorrow is compounded by the new trends in which array of sycophantic youths who through poor governance, high-handedness and recklessness of government have been exposed to frustration and their brains have been formatted (or can I say that their softwares have been destroyed and what is left is a hardware of ineptitude),who are now championing the Activities for YAHAYA BELLO Presidency.

Surely, the youths that are clamouring for the GYB2PMB cannot be the true reflection of the people of Kogi State but a collection of the same group of young men and women which he has used in his government as he squandered the scarce resources of Kogi State and a handful of others who desire the crumbs from the table of the government.
Never has Kogi State been so bastardized than now during the tenure of YAHAYA BELLO and I begin to wonder whether YAHAYA BELLO thought that Kogi State is a microcosm of Nigeria society to contemplate vieing for the office of the president of Nigeria, after running the poorest government in the history of Kogi State.
That surely is not true. The docility of the good people of Kogi State cannot be a replica of the Nigerian spirit and in an informed society, the docility of Kogi people is a travesty of the true spirit of citizenship.
I therefore advise the youths who are clamouring for the YAHAYA BELLO Presidency to come up for a national debate. I want to engage them publicly” – Martins Enebi

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