Just In: #MSME Survival Fund Makes Clarification Of Potential Beneficiaries

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#MSME Survival Fund has made some clarifications regarding some beneficiaries in some states that are yet to be verified for payment.

In a short video released by #MSME Survival Fund yesterday being 13th January 2021 showing state by state beneficiaries from North Central region of the country, the preview of the video post, shows that #MSME that are from states with the caption “Closed” can no longer complete their registration if not done before December 27th and no new application is available for such states for now, but registered and verified #MSME from those states can still benefit since the payment is in batches and according to recent statistics only 284,000 out of 500,000 have benefitted.

Therefore, if your state was tagged “Open” it means #MSME who have not completed their registration on or before December 27th 2020 from those states can still login to their dashboard and complete their registrations while already registered and verified #MSME will continue benefiting too.

Meanwhile, #MSME Survival Fund has also commenced 3rd payment for beneficiaries.

The payment which is ongoing is expected to last through the week.

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