Just In: Take Me To Court Or Presidency, I Maintain My Assertion About TELPECON – Says, Isaac Chukwuemeka

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A Director who resigned from TELPECON, Mr Isaac Chukwuemeka has vowed that he would still maintain his feeling about TELPECON when summon by any court of competent jurisdiction or even Presidency.

Mr Isaac Chukwuemeka in a telephone conversation with our reporter, Peter Ezema said, “after I granted ourworldgist interview early this month, exposing the fraud in TELPECON, I received many strange calls threatening me to disclaim the interview but I fearlessly told them that even my corpse would still testify against TELPECON and that I have no regret exposing them”.

” I am a Director in  TELPECON before my resignation but I never benefitted anything rather I kept contributing money to secure one document or the other”.

” If you want to give grant to someone that is presumed to be extremely poor, why collecting money from him or her to pursue the same grant?”

” Like I said in my first interview, many Lazy Nigerians like “mind game” and free money perhaps, reason why many “fake NGOs” like TELPECON will continue to use their useless brains”.

” I have moved on with my life and free from the bondage of TELPECON”

“I have equally apologized to my Church members at Ozubulu whom I ignorantly lured into this scam grant call TELPECON”.

PeterEzema Chekwube, like I said in my maiden edition interview, I still have a lot to uncover about TELPECON and you can alone get to know that when you come around asking any issue concerning TELPECON”.

Meanwhile, ourwporldgist continues to bring the views of people that matter as we continue with our investigation to unravel the mystery behind TELPECON grant.

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