Leadership & Governance: Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim, ACIS Identifies

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Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim, ACIS has identified 20 major causes of leadership failure under the current dispensation in Nigeria

These factors according to Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim, ACIS, are as follows:
” 1. Insensitivity of the highest order.
2. No fear of God
3. Leading without love of the people
4. Lack of inner drive
5. Over reliance on title in order to lead.
6. Fear of creating other leaders (only me alone syndrome).
7. Manipulative tendencies
8. No form of In-depth thinking abilities
9. Lack of knowledge on leadership.
10. No form of enthusiasm.
11. Lack of effective delegation.
12. Disconnection from the reality on ground.
13. Greediness
14. Bad attitude
15. Inability to understand the needs of the people very well.
16. No form of Emotional Intelligence (EI).
17. Lack of openness
18. Lack of Transparency
19. Lack of accountability
20. Complacency”.

Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim, ACIS added that, “at a time like this, our leaders need to change their ways of thinking based on the issues raised above, be pragmatic and do the needful for the people”.

He emphasized that, “a Leader can only serve effectively and meaningfully when he or she is abreast with the salient points elucidated above”.

Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim, ACIS who appealed to Nigerian politicians to change for good also craved “the indulgent of Nigerians to kindly share this piece in order to reach our Leaders so that Almighty God will touch their hearts for them to do the needful because an average Nigerian is really suffering too much as I write”.

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