Get Loan In 5 Minutes Using Simple Code ” KB5NQ ” On FairMoney To Pay Your Bills

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Before this jet age, it was a heinous task to secure Loan of any kind from Nigerian financial Institutions as the conditions to get loan are not only cumbersome but mostly unimaginable to meet its requirements.

However, this narrative has changed lately with the advent of modern financial institutions especially that of FairMoney.

How can one get started with this financial institution online? It is simple! Simply follow below steps:
1. Download the App “FairMoney” with this logo      From playstore and install it.
2. Click on the app “FairMoney ” to signup or register your personal details,
Note: before inputting your personal detail, a dialogue box will appear asking you of the referral code: type “KB5NQ ” as appeared in capital letter and follow the instructions until you are done with your registration.

3. Demand for your first loan say N10,000 on the App and wait in few minutes to see your FairMoney account credited with the money.

4. Transfer the money given to you as loan from your FairMoney account to your bank account for withdrawal.

Facts you must know before demanding for this loan:
a) you must use referral code such as above “KB5NQ” who has integrity of loan profile on the App otherwise if you use someone who is known as serial defaulter, you loan would be automatically rejected or declined.
a) You must be ready to pay back after 30 days, 60 days or at maximum after 90 days.

A lot have benefited using above referral code of KB5NQ, it can be your turn today as you apply.

It is also pertinent to know that the more you apply and pay as at when due, the more chances of you getting up to N500,000 or even more.


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