Npower: Beneficiary Exposes How Minister Sadiya Betrayed Buhari’s Government By Ibrahim Abubakar

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An article, titled, ” Npower: Beneficiary Exposes How Minister Sadiya Betrayed Buhari’s Government” as authored by Ibrahim Abubakar, revealed how Minister of “Humanitarian” and “Social Investment Scheme”, Sadiya Faruq Umar betrayed Buhari’s Government before Beneficiaries.

According to Ibrahim Abubakar, who claimed to be Npower Beneficiary from Kano, ” This woman called Sadiya has severally betrayed Buhari’s led government before Beneficiaries by promising beneficiaries and failed”.

” Npower scheme was on board and doing well before this woman was appointed but immediately she came on board, she quickly stopped batches A and B with a promise to transit them to permanent job but two years plus had come and gone and nothing has been done and she kept on promising”.

” Recently, this woman raised the hope of Beneficiaries by organising political and unsuccessful training to less than two percent of the Beneficiaries with a promise to give them CBN’s loan worth five million Naira each”.

“Suddenly, the training was abruptly stopped without explanation either in form of press briefing why she could not conclude the training”.

” This woman has severally promised Beneficiaries since she came on board and failed “.

” Npower as designed from abinitio was a well planned program to benefit Million of Nigerians but the coming on of this woman has disenable President Muhammadu Buhari’s original plan and caused confusion because of her inordinate ambition”.

” While others see her act as being wicked to Nigerians, some of us who are directly involved in the program see it as a betrayal of trust “.

” Yes betrayal of trust because President Muhammadu Buhari’s led government meant well for introducing the program but her coming on board has ruined this well thought out program “.

” Perhaps, if she is acting a script drafted by power that be, let them wait and see as we are going to shock them come 2023 elections with the New Electoral Act 2022 already signed into law”.

” Finally, Nigerian Youths are ready to speak loud and embarrass any politician who comes their way to deceive them as 2023 beckons”.

Npower Beneficiaries are those Nigerians engaged by President Muhammadu Buhari’s led government in 2016 but unlawfully discontinued by Minister Sadiya upon her appointment in 2019 as Minister to oversea the program.

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