Donald Trump & Others Making Iconic Return After Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter

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Former President of United State of American, Donald Trump is now set to make iconic return on Twitter after it was officially announced that Elon Musk has purchased twitter for a whooping sum of over $44 billion.

In a sample of trending news on Twitter on Tuesday, President Donald Trump is trending as million of people around the world are calling on Elon Musk to immediately restore him on Twitter.

This call followed ELON MUSK’s statement that in the interest of freedom of speech, both his friends and Enemies alike would be given opportunity to make use of Twitter.

In a swift reaction to Elon Musk’s statement, Twitter users are now protesting that the likes of Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Alex Jones who were previously suspended from the Application should be restored immediately in the interest of freedom of speech as identified by Elon Musk.

OurWorldGist  recalls that the world wealthiest fellow, Elon Musk has purchased twitter on Monday being 24th April, 2022 after he was previously reported on 4th April, 2022 that he was interested in the App giant.

Meanwhile, whether Donald Trump and others who were previously suspended from the App would be restored so soon, as currently being agitated by twitter’s users, OurWorldGist  would keep you posted as the development of the restoration gathers momentum.

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