Cryptocurrency Having Its Worst Moment As Bitcoin Falls Beyond All Time Low.

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The global Cryptocurrency market entered its worst phase ever on Tuesday, being 10th May,2022 with Bitcoin dropping below $30,000 per coin and leaving millions of investors in a panic mode.

According million of traders of cryptocurrency who bombarded twitter App with their displeasure, “it has never been this bad”.

OurWorldGist gathers that this is the first since 2012 that the global cryptocurrency market has recorded this all time price drop leading to almost about 40% lost.

OurWorldGist further gathered that traders of stock were not also left out as they also recorded 2% lost on investment.

Meanwhile, as a result of this unhealthy development, investors are now in their million looking for buyers to buy.

As at the time of this report by 4:30pm on the mentioned date, OurWorldGist  could authoritatively report that bitcoin which was sold for about $58,000 per coin a week ago was now pegged between $30,000 to $31,000 per coin as at today.

ourworldgist business is on a standby to update you as the situation unfolds.

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