Theobarth Disbursement Grant Delay: Apostle Eboyi Receives A ‘Dust’

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As the disbursement of the so much talked about Theobarth continues to remain what seems like a rumour in the hands of the handlers, two beneficiary hopefuls have criticised the Chief Executive Officer, Apostle Theophilus Eboyi, for keeping million of Nigerians waiting unnecessarily.

The two beneficiaries of theobarth identified as Comrade Abdullahi Maishera and Mr James Clem, in a call with  OurWorldGist expressed their separate displeasure why a fellow like Apostle Eboyi who showcases himself as a man of God will continue to speak on this grant from both side of his mouths.

In a disappointing tone, Mr James Clem writes: “We Christians are really ashamed of some of our clergymen/women. This grant has really exposed who they truly are. So sad that church G.O like Apostle Eboyi, can really be this deceitful. SAD INDEED”

Similarly, Comrade Abdullahi Maishera, says, “Theo has no shishi to disburse, it will always continues “this month is the month, I will not fail Nigerians. Same song for 3years now. He doesn’t have a dime apart from the ones he collected from some of us. If you like believe, idiots that have tied their future to the grant will start insulting now. Am ever ready to insult any nonentity that wants it. The truth is very bitter”.

Meanwhile, from ourworldgist investigation, Apostle Eboyi who was boasting early January 2022 that all were now set for disbursement is now acting on a low key without any update and we already in May 2022.

How long will this drama continue ? Well only time shall tell as ourworldgist is on standby to monitor the unfolding development till its logical end.

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