On the mandate of Austin Okai I/we stand by Samuel Abimaje.

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A public affairs commentator, Samuel Abimaje has said, on the mandate of  Comrade Usman Austin Okai I/ We Stand.

Samuel Abimaje, declared this while likening the leadership of Comrade Usman Austin Okai with some world notable leaders.

Let us read how Samuel Abimaje arrive at this assertion in what he titles as ” On the mandate of Austin Okai I/we stand”:

History contains the stories of many leaders who actively moved people to a new way to think and act.

The names that come to mind may be different for you than me.

My top-of-mind list includes: Nelson Mandela, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, and John Muir.

I will personally include Austin Okai on the list because of his antecedent leadership and he shared the same characteristics of leadership qualities with the aforementioned leaders.

Just as certain names come to mind when we think about activist leaders, specific words do as well.

These words become much more than a vocabulary for an effective activist leader.

Each word is delivered with the substance of real action.

From words to actions to results, an activist leader crafts the platform in which others join to empower the change process.

That is who Austin Okai is.

Austin Okai is a man who believes in clarity of vision and action.

He believes in clarity in words spoken and actions taken.

He has no doubt in why a change is required and why remaining unchanged is impossible.

His reason behind the direction has a big purpose.

The purpose incites other team members to want to do their part and use their talents fully.

Dekina/Bassa are solemnly behind this young man.

My vote, your vote and our votes are needed to lift him up to the national assembly come 2023.

His clarity and aspirations motivate and propel his followers to emulate his leadership style.

He’s a strategic activist whose strategy shines a light on a path in which others can dance with their plans, activities, and results.

He’s a promoter of peace, unity and progress.

He’s confident but not cocky.

There is a quiet strength in his presence along with a persistence in his work.

He’s comfortable within and work to instill a similar feeling in others.

This is the man Dekina/Bassa Federal Constituency needs at the moment.

A vote for Austin Okai is a vote to witness the dividends of democracy in our constituency.

His first name is transparent, his middle name is sincerity and his surname is accountability.

We need a leader that have the feelings of the masses at hand and he’s nobody but Austin Okai.

He don’t blow in the wind but he do understand how to change in order to achieve the vision.

He doesn’t do or say anything to compromise his integrity.

He’s a man of his words.

He know the importance of good relationships.

A sense of purpose is evident on how he spend his time between the people that matter most.

Empathy and compassion are present in his leadership.

Vote Austin Okai for Dekina/Bassa Federal House of Representative. PDP is the party!”.

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