#Theobarth Grant: Newman Warned To Stop Magnifying Theophilus Ebonyi Wayo, Wayo Grant

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#Theobarth Grant hopeful, Mr Uche Dixion, has warned one faceless Newman to henceforth stop aiding Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi ‘s “wayo wayo enterprise grant”.

Mr Uche gave the warning over the weekend following Mr Newman voice note appealing to #Theobarth subscribers to continue to be hopeful.

According to Uche, it is now glaring that Newman is one of the machineries Apostle Theophilus Ebonyi is using to deceive #Theobarth subscribers adding that there is no hiding place for them any longer stating that, those involved in all these audio grants would be identified and dealt with to serve as a deterrent to others.

Part of his statement reads:
” Tell this newman that we are tired of his motivational speeches.

He has been saying all this rubbish for 2 to 3 years now, why must we continue to believe him when none of the things he has said has ever come near reality?

He is deceiving us, those divisive voices he claimed to be the enemies are actually the right people to listen to…

After meeting these people and take some money to feed and keep yourself going, you come back here to talk shit. We are tired of all of you.

You accused government of being behind the delay then people mobilised to say they want to protest, you shouted and say NOOOOO! nobody should protest.

Why, when protest is not against #Theobarth but against govt, to mount pressure on them to allow #Theobarth disburse the money.

You are coming here to rant.

You also talked about those who Subscribe online, how is that your problem? then disburse to those who subscribe genuinely let us all see.

You and cohorts should get ready to vomit what you have eaten to be wayo actors in this whole grant “.

Recall #Theobarth grant is the most trending grant in Nigeria today following the recent collections of Five hundred thousand Naira from hundreds of NGOs by #Theobarth Grant Foundation with a promise to disburse but failed.

OurWorldGist is on a mission to unravel the trick behind this mysterious grant that many have died without seeing therefore, stay connected.

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