Okai ‘s Thank You Tour: A Triumphant Entry Of An Eagle By, Michael Sani

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Usman Okai Austin  , “thank you tour”, to the delegates of the Dekina / Bassa Federal constituency has been described as “a triumphant entry of an Eagle “.

A public Affairs Commentator and a contemporary Reporter, Sani Michael Omakoji, made the observation while highlighting Okai’s activities during the visit.

In a painstaking report, Sani Michael Omakoji writes:
” Okai’s “thank you tour”, to some towns and villages in Dekina and Bassa Local Government Area, could best be described as that of “a triumphant entry of an Eagle” to a familiar land.

Though, the “thank you tour” according to comrade Usman Austin Okai Cna, was meant to be behind close door to say “thank you” distinguished delegates for entrusting your mandate into my person, for Dekina / Bassa Federal Constituency – 2023 election year, but the visit turned out to be a solidarity, carnival, confirmation of mandate, cross – carpeting and show of love from not just the delegates but lovers of Okai in those areas.

For example, at Abocho in Dekina Local Government Area, it was a show of love and solidarity as men and women gathered in clusters form along the road to receive the person of Usman Austin Okai.

Also at Ate Iji in Anyigba same Dekina Local Government Area, Okai was welcomed by hundreds of the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) faithfuls and lovers of Okai where many decampees from All Progressive Congress ( APC ), burnt their brooms & tore their membership cards to succumb to Okai’s political tsunami that has seen many decamped to PDP.

Similarly, at Ojikpadala in Dekina Local Government Area, the situation was not a different narration as both young men/ women and old men / women alike were seen singing and calling Okai names like: “Akpabana” ( Thunder ) , ” Iduh Ogecha “, (the real Lion ), ” Ukomu Améñale ( The Voice of the Downtrodden ), ” “Énékélé Unédó”, ( the fearless one ) among others.

In what seemed to be an advanced reception, it was an unbelievable experience at Ulaja Central Polling Unit in Iyale Ward as thousands of Okai’s Admirers rolled out drums with scintillating ” Igala Chabada dance “, singing ” Okai, is our sure bet”, “Okai, our hero”, ” Okai our voice”…

At Oguma, the headquarters of Bassa local government area and also at Gboloko and Sheria where Okai had to stop over, the reception was electrifying and heart warming as the people rolled out drums to welcome Okai to the land in their own special way.

In all of these places visited, Okai’s messages to the delegates and their wards were simple as he repeatedly said, “I am overwhelmed with your show of love even though the visit was meant for behind close door with delegates”. ” The same way I fought for the civil servants when they were victimized, same way, I will fight for you, the energy I combined with other Nigerians to make sure the new electoral act for 2022 was signed into law, the same energy I shall deplore to fight for my constituency to get what is truly theirs”.

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Okai also used the opportunity to pay homage to the Ogohi of Anyigba, Aidu of Abocho, Biriadu Gagos as well leaders of Bassa land.

Recall that Usman Austin Okai, is the flag bearer of the PDP for Dekina / Bassa federal constituency for 2023 election “.

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