Usman Okai Austin After PDP Primaries Heralds A New Birth Of An Era & A Beckon Of Hope For A Common Man

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Social media was agog on 27th February 2022, when one of Kogi’s celebrated blogger, Sani Michael Omakoji  authored an article: “Austin Usman Okai: An Undying Man With A Rising Profile Of An Eagle  “

The said article which was published by over seventeen blog sites and five national dailies was painstakingly documented according to the author with the honest intention to puff the hiding virtues of the person of Usman Austin Okai

However, some critics of Austin Usman Okai, who never believe in his agitation for a better society regarded the article as a venture for media solidarity as the said “Okai, as a citizen Journalist and a freelance journalist, could sponsor such a write-up without spending a dime.

Some even said, he was overrated with ‘over befitting adjectives’ as they added that he is such an “imago” in Kogi East politics to dare to run for Dekina / Bassa Federal constituency.

While, the Author of the article, Sani Michael Omakoji, waited three months down the line for his ‘pen prophecy’ to either come to nothing or reality, the ‘Doubting Thomases’, of Usman Okai Austin were shocked to their marrows on 23rd May, 2022 as he did not just defeat the Former Deputy Speaker of Kogi State House of Assembly,   Honourable Emmanuel Omebije  to emerge PDP’s candidate for Dekina/ Bassa 2023 election but he also defeated big names in Kogi East politics to include: Honourable Positive Ihabe (Former House of Representative Member), Honourable Simon Atadoga amongst Others

Though, in his reaction to the outcome of the Primaries election that returned him elected, Usman Okai Austin,  who was/is magnanimous in victory and described his co – Aspirants as great leaders of the party, the lesson therein to be learnt is that, ‘ if you are loved by the majority, no amount of talk down or intimidation that can hinder the will of the people’.

It is also imperative to state that the emergence of Usman Okai Austin, also heralds ‘A New Birth Of An Era & A Beckon Of Hope For A Common Man’, as he is about the youngest fellow to be party’s flag-bearer at that level in the history of Kogi State.

On this note, let me say, congratulations to Usman Okai Austin, for being a beckon of hope to the youth and a thump up for Kogi’s Blogger, Sani Michael Omakoji, for not using his pen to mislead people as his postulation and political forecast came to pass.

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