Investment Of All Kinds Are Associated With RISKS But Some RISKS Can Be Avoided – Says Sani Michael Omakoji

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A Business Developer, who is also a Blogger cum Social Media Commentator, Sani Michael Omakoji, has said all investments are associated with RISKS but some RISKS cannot be avoided.

Sani Michael Omakoji, dropped this hint while reacting to various fraudulent crimes that have overwhelmed Nigeria lately all in the name of online investment schemes.

While lamenting on the gullibility of some Nigerians who have felt victims of this investment platforms, he also blamed the porous system of Nigeria that has given room to these fake schemes to thrive unhindered.

His full reaction as gathers by OurWorldGist reads thus:
” Because of our porous system that takes regulation for granted, there are proliferation of online investment platforms everywhere today in Nigeria with million of Nigerians falling victims.

The absurdity about this whole mess is that, even as the news of these unregulated schemes are nearly everyday news on how they have dumbed Mr A or Mr B and subsequently disappear, people still go ahead to invest.

We are told in “Business Management” that all investments are associated with “RISKS”, mind you that same ” Business Management ” also taught us that some RISKS are certain while others are not.

Hence, common sense can be applied that if all Investments are associated with RISKS and at same time some RISKS are certain, it therefore implies that some RISKS can be avoided.

For example, taking a stand not to invest in a scheme that has no investment antecedent neither verifiable means of sources of income, simply means that, you have intelligently avoided a certain RISK.

It is disheartening to hear from a young lady recently, how she lost all her lifetime saving to one investment platform known as “G86”.

While I scorned at her for putting all her lifetime saving into one basket, I also did background check of the named company and I discovered that, the company exists online without visible owner either online or offline.

Is that the kind of a company or scheme one should invest in? You hear them, invest N5,000 and get N10,000 or invest N100,000 and get N200,000.

Just to lure their potential investors, they fulfill their promise when one invest little amount say N5,000 or N10,000 but quickly folds up when one invest big money.

If not greed or lack of common sense, are you not supposed to question how they get double of your initial investment to pay you? Why do you think investment can bring such return in less than an hour? If not this part of the world and probably some part of African countries, where in Europe does such investment thrive ?

For a very long time, I, Sani Michael Omakoji, decided not to talk about investment on this space because some people have identified me as being “conservative” and less optimistic but this write up becomes germane owing to Friends, Relations and others who have suffered this scam call online investment.

Is it that there are no real online investment platforms? the answer is, “they are” but as an investor, this is where you need a business consultant to advise or recommend where to invest and where not to invest.

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Consequently, I call on Agencies of Federal Government of Nigeria like Central Bank of Nigeria, Economic Financial Crime Commission, Consumer Protection Agency and other sister agencies to go into action in order to put an end to this fraudulent practices in the name of online investment scheme.

I have written this for free, be that as it may, if you need professional business advise you might need to consult me with a monetary reward (😁).”

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