Flood In Kogi: Victims In Their Ancestral Homes As ‘Rejected Refugees’ By, Sani Michael Omakoji

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A Public Affairs Analyst and a contemporary writer, Sani Michael Omakoji, has described the ongoing flooding in Kogi State as the worst ever since the history of its debut in 1952.

Sani Michael Omakoji, who was in Kogi State on a visit was visibly looking sober and stressed while reacting to the situation.

In his reactions on his twitter handle @Omakogi1 which were posted at interval are put together below:

What more can be more devastating than this? Peoples living in their ancestral homes as ‘ Rejected Refugees’?

Well – to – do people are being sacked on a daily basis from their homes.

Now they are homeless, not knowing where the next meal will come from.

For example, Ibaji which is the most affected Local government area in Kogi State, now has its inhabitants littered in Idah and Igala – Mela, the sojourn lands where how to feed and refresh are by miracles.

Similarly, in Lokoja, and Koto-Karfe which are next to Ibaji in terms of damage and losses suffered are now recording daily deaths as some peoples who adopt canoes as means of transportation are victims of boat mishaps.

In Bassa, it is a double tragedy as the only federal road linking the Local Government to other parts of the state had its bridge collapsed before the sudden arrival of the ongoing flooding: Now, a thousand of ‘peoples’ are imprisoned to move out of Bassa because the only bridge has collapsed; food e no dey, shelter e no dey, oh God of Mercy, show yourself.

And at Ajaokuta, where most ‘peoples’ are living on Agricultural practice, farms along side Agricultural produces are being destroyed, and many inhabitants are now in Okene and Ofu begging for food and shelters.

This Flood you are wicked ! Referring to Flood as human? Yes, being figurative in this sense is allowed as the flood is operating as human after all, we learnt that the heart of a man is desperately wicked and above all who understand him like this flood?

But wait ooo ! Is the ongoing flooding of Kogi State and some other part of Nigeria occasioned by ‘Natural disaster’?

My investigation uncovered that the flooding is being derived by Cameroonian Government.

Really? Yes! Wao! What an act of inhumanity to humanity?

If Cameroonian Government feel that, their Dams are overfilled and needed to be offloaded to reduce the pressure, what stopped them from constructing more dams?

Information available revealed that this first happened in 1952 and later in 2012 …and now an annual disaster which Kogi State, bears the lost the most.

The question now are:
how long will this continue ?
Can’t Nigerian Government construct more Dams to curtail its further devastating effect ?
What happened to the dredging of River Niger/Benue started by Yar’dua / GoodLuck’s Government?

While throwing these questions at the public on my way from Lokoja to Abuja in a public transport, one of the commuters says, ” Ah! As if you don’t even know the corruption that is involved in this annual flooding disaster oooo!

“Do you know that some government agencies who feed fat anytime there is flooding often bribe Cameronian Government to release water so that they can allocate money for relief materials without implementing it ?” – He asked!


Hmmm, this is a story for another day, I replied and continued with my self medication:

‘In the interim, what is the state or the federal government doing to ameliorate the situation of these Nigerians ?

State or federal governments are operating at the same pedestal as what they can offer through media propaganda are donations of mattresses and noodles as relief materials.

How does it matter donating mattresses to someone who has no shelter?

Oh, he or she should be carrying those mattresses about in the rain and in the sun thus, eventually sleeps in abandoned buildings anywhere night falls?

Nonsense! an act of irresponsibility on the part of ‘authority’ who has failed to do the needful

Be that as it may, let me specially appreciate a philanthropist, the Deputy National Publicity Secretary for All Progressive Congress ( APC ), Masha Allah Alhaji Murtala Yakubu Ajaka who has donated the whooping sum of N50M to the five affected Local Government Areas earlier highlighted.

While we expect the State and the Federal Governments to live up to their responsibility to construct more dams, dredge River Niger / Benue, we also expect individuals, Corporate Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGOs ), to come to the aid of the affected areas within Kogi State and Nigeria at large.

You can follow Sani Michael Omakoji on his social media account as indicated below:
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