ODA Invites Investors To Invest In Ogbabede

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Surveyor Isaac Agbanwu

Surveyor Isaac Agbanwu, The New ODA President

The President of Ogbabede Development Association ( ODA ), Surveyor Isaac Agbanwu has called on the Investors within and outside Nigeria to come and invest in Ogbabede land.

Surveyor Isaac Agbanwu, made this call at Abuja on Monday being 9th January 2023 while having media pally with journalists.

Surveyor Isaac Agbanwu said, Ogbabede which has vast area of land suitable for Agriculture is also fertile that grows both cash and Economic Crops.

He said, the Obicha of Ogbabede along, Gagos and Madakis of the area are working hand to hand to ensure Investors do not regret investing in Ogbabede land.

He therefore appealed to Investors who wish to seek for further enquiry about investing in Ogbabede land to channel it through the official email of the Association at

He said investors identities and investment worth shall be concealed by the Association and investors only except otherwise as agreed by both parties.

ODA is an Association in Ogbabede champions: investment, and general development of Ogbabede land.

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