Okun University: A Repeat of Governor Bello’s Political Scam In 2018″, By SMO

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A political puddit and a Public Affairs Analyst, Sani Michael Omakoji ( SMO ) , has described Governor Yahaya Bello’s move to establish “Okun University” as ” a repeat of Governor Bello’s Political scam in 2018″ saying is another plot to actualise his third term agenda.

 Sani Michael Omakoji, dropped this hit in one of his finite articles titled: ” Okun University: A Repeat of Governor Bello’s Political Scam In 2018″.

In his exposition, Sani Michael Omakoji, explained how Governor Yahaya Bello decieved Igala ‘s speaking extraction of Kogi East in 2018 with a promise of Idah – Agenebode bridge that never saw the light of the day.

He warned Okun People not to fall prey of Bello’s Political gimmick this time around saying is a way of paying wave for his annointed candidate, Ahmed Usman Ododo.

Let us read in details Sani Michael Omakoji’s article:
“Bearly few months to Kogi Gubernatorial election in 2019, Governor Yahaya Bello came up with a pronouncement that the Kogi State Government has awarded the contract for the construction of Idah – Agenebode bridge.

While many applauded the move, others also talked down the gesture saying that it was a political gimmick by Governor Yahaya Bello to get Kogi East support.

Those who guessed his political gimmick were right as nothing has happened on the said road even after four years of award of such contract in proxy.

Whether such ‘audio contract’ helped Governor Yahaya Bello’s Tatatata and Helicopter rigging to win or not, he has come up with such promise in Kogi West again knowing fully well that it is going to be a tough election for him to actualise his third term agenda that has his cousin, Ahmed Usman Ododo as the flag bearer of All Progressieve Congress (APC).

This time around, what is his gimmick? Governor Yahaya Bello has a week ago announced the establishment of “Okun University” in the Western part of Kogi State.

While many applaud this idea just like the case of Agenebode – Idah bridge that never saw the light of the day, the learned in Okun land and beyond should know that this move is a plot to install Bello’s cousin, Ahmed Usman Ododo as the next Governor of Kogi State though against the wish of Kogi’s People.

Notwithstanding, this election is so though for Bello as the three regions in Kogi State to include: Kogi East, Kogi West and Kogi Central are all having candidate of their choice preferably from their region.

Apart from Bello recruiting hundreds of youths from each community across Kogi East and Kogi West in support of his annointed candidate, Ahmed Usman Ododo, he is equally using any window opportunity available like the so-called establishment of “Okun University” to actualise his inordinate ambition.

However, looking at the political climate across the Kogi State, ” it is no way for Bello this time around”.”

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