Angelic Intervention Unveiled in Pst Mathew Ele-Ojo James

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In a captivating sermon that gripped the hearts of the faithful, Pastor Mathew James Eleojo , a young spiritual leader, illuminated the topic of “Provoking The Angelic Intervention” at Solemn Faith International Church, Federal Housing Estate Woji No 24 , Port Harcourt.

Pst Mathew Ele-Ojo James emphasized that angels are not distant, ethereal beings; they reside among us.

Citing biblical references from Gene. 28:12, John 1:51, HEB. 12:22-24, and Exo. 23:20, he unveiled their tangible existence.

The preacher enlightened the congregation about angels’ purpose to serve humanity.

Quoting scriptures like Math. 2:13, Heb. 1:14-19, Luke 1:11-13, and Acts 11:33, he reaffirmed their roles as divine helpers.

In a revelation that left the congregation in awe, Pst Mathew Ele-Ojo James asserted that angels are not mere ethereal entities but can be seen and heard.

He backed this claim with accounts from 2 Sam. 24:7-24 and Acts 12:1-13.

The preacher illuminated the fact that angels are not silent observers; they communicate and report to God.

Supporting examples from Gene. 22:11-15 and Math 18:10 demonstrated their ability to convey messages and report back to the divine.

Pst Mathew Ele-Ojo James defined angels as spiritual personalities with multi-dimensional physical impact.

He underscored their role as God’s messengers, delivering good tidings to His people, as described in Heb. 1:14.

To experience angelic intervention, the preacher provided practical guidance:
1. Embrace the fear of God (Psa. 34:7).
2. Avoid comparisons (Exo. 20:20-23).
3. Recognize and value their operation (Gene 28:11-13, Exo 14:19, Rev. 8:4).

Pst Mathew Ele-Ojo James detailed the angelic assignments, including protection from the devil’s snares (Acts 12:7, Psa. 124:7, Jere 5:26), preservation from evil (Luke 4:10), and ensuring prayers reach the ears of God.

In his concluding words, he left the congregation with a powerful statement: “If you must know the mind of God, you must see the need for Angels.”

The service was made more special with a performance by the “Solemn Glorious Voice Choir.”

In his closing remarks, Pst Mathew Ele-Ojo James reassured the congregation that with Angelic Intervention, their life journeys are secure and destined for success.

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