Pastor Matthew Ele-Ojo James Delivers Inspiring Sermon on Kingdom Prosperity

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In a spiritually uplifting sermon at the Solemn Faith International Church in the Federal Housing Estate, Woji, Port Harcourt, Pastor Mathew James Eleojoh¬†delivered a powerful message titled “Understanding The Kingdom Prosperity.”

Congregants gathered to receive profound insights on prosperity within the context of the Kingdom of God.

Drawing from the scriptures, Pastor James underscored the importance of passages like Psalm 35:27 and 2 Corinthians 8:9, laying the foundation for his message.

He highlighted several key points regarding prosperity in the Kingdom of God:

Pastor James unequivocally conveyed that prosperity within the Kingdom is God’s will for believers, citing 3 John 2 as evidence.

He emphasized that God takes great joy in witnessing His children prosper, referencing Psalms 27:17 and 1 Samuel 24:11.

The pastor reminded the congregation that Jesus sacrificed His life for believers to experience prosperity, citing 2 Corinthians 8:9 and Revelation 5:12.

He stressed that prosperity is a covenant heritage, supported by verses like Galatians 3:14, Zechariah 14:14, and 2 Chronicles 20:25.

Pastor James cautioned against a life devoid of prosperity, asserting that it often leads to poverty, citing Proverbs 19:4 and Judges 6:1-5.

He stated that living without riches is akin to living as a beggar.

He emphasized the importance of consecration, describing it as being wholly dedicated to God, living in His image, fearing Him, maintaining peace with Him, and leading a righteous life.

The pastor stressed the need for a deep understanding of Kingdom Prosperity.

He encouraged seeking guidance and instructions from God, citing scriptures like Isaiah 45:3, Psalm 66:12, Genesis 12:1-4, 13:2, and 22:1-17.

Pastor James urged his congregation to be willing to take calculated risks, drawing inspiration from 2 Kings 7:3 and Esther 4:16.

Throughout the sermon, Pastor James shared impactful quotes, including “Life without wealth will be full of toil,” and “The wealth of sinners is called Babylon Wealth.”

He also emphasized the significance of following divine instructions for achieving fullness of prosperity.

The service was enhanced by a special performance by the Solemn Glorious Voice Choir and concluded with prayers for prosperity led by the pastor himself.

In his closing remarks, Pastor Matthew Ele-Ojo James left the congregation with a thought-provoking statement: “Wealth is a blessing from God, while toil is a curse from Satan.

The congregation departed with newfound inspiration and a deeper understanding of the principles of prosperity within the Kingdom of God, as imparted by Pastor James during this impactful service.

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