Crisis Escalates in Abocho, Dekina LGA, Kogi State – Calls for Urgent Security Deployment – Austin Okai

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The peaceful community of Abocho in Biraidu district, Dekina LGA, is currently in the grips of an escalating crisis, with residents enduring two weeks of sleepless nights due to sporadic gunfire.

According to one of the vibrant Youth of the area, Hon Usman Austin Okai , “the unchecked violence is causing growing concern among the residents, leading to fears that upcoming gubernatorial elections on 11th November 2023 in the area may be in jeopardy”.

He added, “Incidents of heavy gunfire, carried out with impunity, have left the community held hostage in fear.

Just two days ago, local markets had to close prematurely as heavy weaponry mounted on motorcycles roamed the area freely, spreading panic among the populace”.

Speaking further, ” residents have called on the authorities to urgently address the situation by deploying security personnel to Biraidu to quell the rising insecurity.

Alarming reports suggest that over eight AK-47 rifles are now allegedly in possession of individuals in Abocho, a fact that is deemed unacceptable by the community

The situation in Abocho has deteriorated to the point where some residents claim it is now safer in Borno State than in their own community.

Properties and buildings have been indiscriminately destroyed, and even motorcycles belonging to political opponents have not been spared from the violence”.

He said, the people of Abocho have highlighted the need for a decisive response from the authorities, pointing to the successful security intervention in Ejule as a model that should be replicated in their community.

Moreover, concerns are raised about the lack of government projects in Abocho, with some residents questioning whether Governor Yahaya Bello is even aware of the existence of Biraidu as a community.

This situation has prompted calls for immediate security deployment and a focus on development initiatives in Abocho.

The community’s plea for action is clear: Abocho needs development, not guns.

The deployment of military forces into Biraidu is deemed an imperative and urgent step in addressing the escalating crisis.

The clock is ticking, and the community awaits a swift and effective response.

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