Pastor Mathew Reveals Devil’s Tactics in Battles Against Prosperity

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In a revelation during a church service held on 5th October 2023, Pastor Mathew James Eleojo of Solemn Faith International Church, located on Road 21 Federal Housing Estate in Woji, Port Harcourt, shed light on the devil’s three destructive tactics aimed at frustrating prosperity.

Preaching on the topic “Battles Against Prosperity,” Pastor Eleojo delivered a powerful message to his congregation, drawing from scripture references including Zech. 9:11-12 and John 10:10.

According to the pastor, after engaging in covenant practice, individuals face three major challenges posed by the devil, which hinder prosperity.

He further mentioned these tactics by the Devil and offered explaination:

1. Stealing: Citing scriptures such as John 10:10, Gen 3:1, Exo 22:7, and Job 15:16, Pastor Eleojo explained how the devil seeks to steal from people.

2. Killing: The devil is not limited to theft but also engages in actions that lead to death, as illustrated in Exo 1:7, 15:16-17, John 10:10, and 2 Sam 9:1-4.

3. Scattering or Destruction: Lastly, the devil scatters and destroys the harvest, drawing from Judges 6:1-6.

The pastor emphasized that these challenges could be overcome through the engagement of the blood of Jesus, supported by scriptural references including Exo 12:1-12, Zech 9:11-12, Heb 12:24, and Rev 12:11.

He added that the blood can reverse evil intentions and completely erase demonic expectations and missions over one’s life, as evidenced by Exo 1:15-16, Exo 12-29, Prov 10:28, and Rev 12:11.

He said blood has the power to reverse and destroy evil or satanic curses in the land, as demonstrated in Gen 8:20, Gen 17:9, and John 19:30.

That the blood also can heal, restore, and make whole, supported by scriptures like Exo 15:26, Jeremiah 30:17, Isaiah 53:4-5, Matt 8:17, 1 Peter 2:24, and Matt 21:51-53.

He revealed that Blood brings total destruction to the altar of delay, as seen in Exo 12:29-31; has the power to release individuals from the prison of poverty, leading to wealth and prosperity, backed by Zech 7:11-12, Hag 2:19, and Exo 12:12; guarantees access to long life, health, and strength, supported by scriptures such as Psalm 91:16 and Jeremiah 30:17.

He explained that the blood ensures protection, preservation, and all-around favor, as stated in Exo 12:36, Acts 2:47, and Psalms 102:13.

Pastor Eleojo also provided guidance on how to engage the blood effectively, emphasizing the significance of communion, the sprinkling of blood, the pouring of blood, and sprinkling to bring written judgment upon the wicked.

This revelation has left the congregation with a renewed understanding of the spiritual battle against prosperity and the powerful role the blood of Jesus plays in overcoming these challenges.

For more information on this eye-opening sermon, please visit Solemn Faith International Church or tune in to their services on Facebook every Sunday at 7:30 via official account of ( @Pastor Mathew James ).

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