Kogi Election; Allegations of Rigging & Foul Play Grip Post-Election Atmosphere Says, “Enough Is Enough” By, Okai

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In a recent op-ed titled “Kogi Gubernatorial Election: When ‘Enough’ Is Not Enough,”Austin Usman Okai sheds light on the turbulent aftermath of the Kogi State Gubernatorial election.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Dino Melaye, initially raised concerns about rigging but opted not to pursue legal action.

Surprisingly, candidates from the Accord Party and Action Democratic Congress (ADC) also chose silence, leaving the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate, Alhaji Muritala Ajaka, as the lone opposition challenging the outcome.

The article underscores Ajaka’s commitment to seeking justice through legal channels despite widespread allegations of election manipulation.

The APC-led government, led by Alhaji Yahaya Bello, faces accusations of influencing the election results in favor of their chosen candidate, Alhaji Usman Ododo.

The piece notes that these allegations have stirred controversy and generated public concern.

However, the author expresses dismay over the proliferation of misinformation in numerous news publications surrounding the election.

One particular incident, an attack on the INEC commissioner’s house, is suspected to have ties to the state government.

The author questions the lack of investigation by security agencies and suggests potential complicity.

Despite the SDP’s legal pursuit, the government’s response raises eyebrows.

The use of taxpayers’ money to sponsor street protests in Lokoja is criticized as an unnecessary display of coercion.

The author questions the government’s confidence in the election’s fairness, pointing out the irony of resorting to pressure tactics if the victory is indeed legitimate.

In conclusion, the piece highlights the SDP and Muritala Ajaka as the sole contenders in court, asserting their claim as the rightful winners.

The government’s alleged attempts to obstruct court orders and influence public opinion through protests are characterized as desperate measures in the face of a conviction that seems to have unsettled Lugard House.

The author asserts that “enough is enough” in response to what is perceived as a protracted struggle for justice in the aftermath of a contentious election

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