Governor Yahaya Bello ‘s Nephew Emerges As The Youngest ‘Barawo’ In Nigeria

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In a groundbreaking revelation, the Young African Transparent Organisation (YATO) disclosed on Wednesday that Ali Bello, the nephew of outgoing Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello, has emerged as the youngest “Barawo” (Thief) in Nigeria.

According to a statement released in Abuja, YATO conducted a thorough seven-month investigation, revealing that Ali Bello surpassed others, including Sadiya Farouq Umar, Hajiya Halima, and Betta Edu, to claim this notorious title.

Barrister Mustapha Abubakar, the spokesperson for YATO, stated, “After an exhaustive investigation, we found that Ali Bello, Governor Yahaya Bello’s nephew, is the youngest individual to misappropriate a substantial amount from the public coffer without holding a government position.”

Abubakar continued, “With a considerable sum pilfered from Kogi State Government’s account, with the alleged involvement of his uncle, Governor Yahaya Bello, Ali Bello has secured the unenviable position of the youngest ‘Barawo’ in Nigeria.”

YATO’s statement detailed that their inquiry focused on understanding how young individuals connected to government either directly or indirectly manage public funds.

Disturbingly, the organization revealed that Governor Yahaya Bello and Ali Bello conspired to embezzle billions of Naira from Kogi State’s coffers, diverting funds intended for the Kogi Bailout Fund, Ecological Fund, and monthly federal allocations between 2017 and 2022.

“The outflows of money transferred to Ali Bello’s account at the United Bank of Africa during this period lacked any justifiable transactions,” the statement emphasized.

YATO concluded by calling upon the judiciary to ensure that both Ali Bello and Governor Yahaya Bello face legal consequences for their alleged actions, expressing a commitment to securing justice for the people of Nigeria and particularly Kogi State.

Ali Bello is currently facing trial alongside other suspected culprits for unauthorized withdrawals from the Kogi State government account.

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