Ogwu Onoja SAN @52: Still Living A Distinct Life Of Humility And Service

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Without praise singing, the learned silk, one of Nigerian legal finest, Chief Ogwu James Onoja deserves to be celebrated by all on this glorious occasion of his birthday.

The legal icon’s footprints in the sands of time transcends breaking records and setting good precedence in our legal system in the last three decades.

His records in human and social services is distinct and unequal.

I have had the urge to write about this legal luminary in the last five years, particularly during his golden jubilee two years ago, however, I reserved my pen.

I have come to terms that it is not possible for everybody to be in the legal profession and practice, and not seen some digression distinctly been piloted by the celebrated legal luminary.

Sam Onoja Ogwu In His Office, Abuja- Nigeria

We have had so many legal icons of high repute who had at one time or the other held public offices yet impact less.

I am not making comparison, but for Ogwu Onoja, it has been a case of untainted record as he rose to fame in his field of calling.

It is public knowledge that the celebrated Ogwu Onoja built schools, roads, town halls, hospitals, provided electricity and water to his immediate community and others.

He had gone ahead to pay bills for both indigent students and sick people in the hospitals, sponsored football clubs within and outside his domain, engaged fully in cultural and community services which earned him a traditional title in Igala kingdom.

Aside paying and sponsoring students, graduates daily troop to his office known for facilitating employments and appointments in public, private and foreign organsitions all geared towards self reliance and self sustenance of the people.

Panel A lawyer of high repute, Ogwu James Onoja SAN honours invitations and grace social gathering which goes a long way to show the premium he places on the society.

His passion and untiring efforts of placing some of his young and upcoming junior colleagues and others in a robust locations is unprecedented.

Despite his distinct achievements in life, the legal icon remain humble and more committed to humanitarian services.

We can only wish him more years in good health, promotion and fame.

Happy Birthday and many more years ahead.

– Source: Friend of Sam Onoja ( SAN )

Meanwhile, Sam Onoja ( SAN ) has this to say in what he titles “OJOMAKPENE 2020”
on his birthday as culled from his official Facebook page.

” My birthday today is special and will be observed in sober reverence to Jehovah Lord who has faithfully reconfirmed his authority that no one dies except as approved by His Divine Majesty.

In Isaiah 25:8 He said He will swallow up death in victory and he will wipe away tears from our faces and will take away our rebuke.

Friends, I don’t know the God you serve.

I am not ashamed to testify that I am not only a beneficiary of God’s mercy, but a walking and living miracle.

Between December 2019 and January 2020 I did not only survive seven heart attacks, but successfully underwent triple coronary bypass (open heart) surgery to the shame of the devil.

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What a living God we serve.

He makes those who serve him to bear fruits in all seasons.

Jesus is Lord. I thank my lovely wife, Rosemary and my children, brothers, sisters, my learned friends, pastors and especially my beautiful colleagues at Bar and Bench House for the many sacrifices in prayers and service.

Sam Onoja Ogwu And His Lovely Family  Thanking all my friends on this platform for celebrating my double double – VICTORY OVER DEATH AND MY BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY.

You shall all be celebrated in Jesus name.

#IKOKU 2020#
#TEARS OF JOY 2020# “

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