Just In: Protest In Abuja Over Severe Hunger Arising From COVID-19 Lockdown

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Some people have decided to show their anger by taking to the streets despite restrictions placed on human movement by the government in Abuja environs over hunger emanating from covid-19 lockdown in Abuja.

Exactly 3pm yesterday being Sunday, these group of people took to the streets in Gwagwalada protesting over what people are suffering since the lockdown began few days ago. They were chanting “we have had enough and we cannot allow ourselves to be killed by hunger, allow us to go out and get our daily food”

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This is a painful experience Nigerians are going through at the moment. As we all know that ordinary Nigerians can barely survive any few days lockdown like what is happening now in the country. It is desperately obvious that the lockdown is for the benefit of the country and her law abiding citizens, but the lockdown is turning into a gigantic monster by the day as it kept on pushing a whopping number of Nigerians to bed with nothing in their stomach

As a matter of urgency, the government has to take drastic measures in providing little support for the common people of this country. Without that the country may plunge into what I seriously doubt can be controlled. Because we all know that the basic needs of the common Man is the stomach after which another need can be mentioned.

Even the government cannot deny knowing the fact that a large number of her citizens depend deeply on what they earn on daily basis to survive. How then are they expected to stay indoors for days without anything coming from their government to help them in this hard times.

If other countries are doing it, then Nigerian government is in a better position to do more, because it is no story that Nigeria as a country is blessed with enormous natural resources so her citizens deserve a help in this time.

Every peace loving Nigerian should lend their voice to the yearning of the poor masses so that their stomach needs can be satisfied and then we can sleep with our two eyes closed. Else, bad luck may be fall!

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