Entertainment: Nu Century Audiovisual Productions Presents “Desperation”

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Love is once again tested in this twist of fate in what Nu Century Audiovisual Productions titles: Desperation.

In the movie, we saw that to keep their marriage from been destroyed by his mother-in-law, a child is needed by this lovely couple, Clara (Ruth Kadiri) and Charles (Clem Ohameze).

Some years later, the fate of the child hangs in the balance.

Charles mother-in-law insists he should go get another wife since Clara couldn’t conceive.

Clara is not ready to share her husband with another woman, hence the need to conceive by all means.

She had a child who will only live for 7 years (a secret known to her and her friend).

At age 7 the child fell sick and Clara knows the implication, she has grown to love the little girl and wasn’t ready to loose her.

She was ready to lay down her live in exchange for the little girls live.

You can follow this mind blowing movie by clicking the link or copy the link to your browser watch:



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