Breaking: Reason Why CBN Boycotts TELPECON To Credit Some NGOs Emerges

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As ourworldgist continues fact finding on the authenticity of TELPECON grant, information has emerged that Central Bank of Nigeria ( CBN ) has boycotted TELPECON to credit some NGOs.

In an article titles, “THE PARADOX BETWEEN TELPECON HAS NOT BEEN CREDITED & NGOS HAS BEEN CREDITED” copied by one Evangelist Taiwo Eminence, it stated reason why CBN boycotted TELPECON to credit some NGOs.

The statement reads thus: “Why are you confusing yourself?🤷🏻‍♂️ Please turn your Bible, Quran and Journals with me to the Book of “Understanding” chapter “Elomamah” verse “Security reasons”.

NGOs have been credited but Telpecon has not been credited is not a debate to fight over. Saying if Telpecon has not been credited where did NGOs get the money from? Oya sit down let me tell you. Grants can come into the Country without the interference of CBN.

But it was the Choice of Our beloved Rev.Elomamah to pass through that Channel. This is because the volume of the money is larger than the Capacity of Telpecons Zenith Account. So CBN came into the picture to make things easier for us. Telpecons account remained Empty while CBN possessed the money.

You’ve been hearing of meetings between CBN and Telpecon Leadership yeah? So the agreement was signed✍🏻 for CBN💮 to do the Transfer directly to NGOS in other to cut the size of the money so that it can fit into Telpecons account.

So Our beloved President made use of an Oxymoron in saying “Immediately CBN credits Telpecon’s Account within 72 hours NGOS will be credited and you get your money.”

So indeed, Telpecon Zenith Account couldn’t swallow the money, so CBN had to do the Job.

We have unfalsifiable evidences that NGOS have been credited.

It May not be all and that’s why your NGO leaders haven’t given you the GREEN🟢 LIGHT💡 SIGNAL but abeg some don collect real money, kudi, owo, ego, big time😄….So what Telpecon Account has been waiting to do is already done by CBN💃🏻.

So anytime the remaining money enters Telpecons account, CBN has already done all the important jobs so the money that will enter Telpecons account does not concern us. What concerns Us now is what is already in NGO Accounts. I’ve told you to debunk all those Consultant travel to “here and there” old stories😆. Those things has been done and dusted”.

Not satisfied with the above information, ourworldgist continues its investigation whether this TELPECON grant exist in real life or is all scam to defraud innocent Nigerians.

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4 thoughts on “Breaking: Reason Why CBN Boycotts TELPECON To Credit Some NGOs Emerges

  1. Awele Emmanuella

    Please just do the needful immediately, people have been waiting for so long and longer have taste anymore because today one story tomorrow another pls your people are waiting for the money. Thanks

  2. Obande idah Omenka

    to me I so much believe that telpecon grant is really, but delayed for disbursement is a reason for doubting by many people’s, but my prayer is let the will of God be done. God bless international donnor, bless our dear country Nigeria and bless all telpecon executive directors who is working towards our dreams to come true.

  3. Adesanya

    The Ngos that have been credited should be listed because it is not yet agreed by some ngos that any Ngo has been credited. We need to know what he names of those ngos that have been credited.

  4. Ajibade wumi Fadaka

    Nigeria government are not sincere to the masses, they are the one behind this delay, they want to establish misunderstanding between Telpicon and CBN the Nigeria government will now come out to place ban on disbursement and collect the grant for their use if both Telpicon and CBN can not reason together


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