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Breaking: More Fact About TELPECON, SEM, GOLDEN BRIDGE/ COMMON WEALTH Grants Emerges

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As  ‘OURWORLDGIST  continues to investigate the activities of some self acclaimed grants givers in the country, more fact has emerged from her finding.

In her latest finding, ourworldgist stumbled on an article written by one Adeola Moses and found it interesting to publish.

In his article titled: “WHAT WOULD HAPPEN JAN 2021 TILL END OF THE YEAR CONCERNING ALL THE FAKE GRANTS.(,SEM,GOLDEN BRIDGE, COMMON WEAlTH,ETC.)” Adeola Moses argued that there is no Telpecon neither any other grant any where and that is a plot put in place to continue to defraud Nigerians.

Adeola Moses, independent finding reads thus: “Over the past years,Elomama has been playing God and deceiving millions of Nigerians that he has grant to disburse, where as nothing of such exist.

This January- December 2021,he would sent series of voice note again, blaming people here and there for his inability to deliver what he knew is not feasible and not available.

He plans to be playing mind games on people by using his various agents on social media to deceive people into believing that ,the fake/audio Money was supposed to have been disbursed since yesterday, last year, last week and so on and forth.

This fake information would make a lot of Nigerians redundant ,waiting shamelessly, and effortlessly for Grant that is not feasible but fake…

The reason for his unrelentless voice note is to make his agent all over the country to secretly still be doing his evil works of scamming people of their hard earned money, deceiving them into becoming chairmen and Directors, parting put with large sums of money in the process.

‘ Don’t ever be deceived that telpecon didn’t ask anyone to pay money, thereby trying to distance themselves from their 419 brother SEM’.

They have agents all over, doing this evil scams secretly, only if you know.

January- December 2021 would come and go still all what you would all hear or be hearing are near death experiences of fake disbursement and also blames here and there of duplicate names of Directors, Beneficiaries, and also CBN and government interference and lies here and there.

There has been no telpecon grant and there can never be. Everything, every activity is a scam.


This year sem would start another scheme of re- registration of outlets ,just to scam millions of Nigerians again because they knew there is no grant anywhere. This their new schemes would give them lots of fun as usual like the on boarding they did hitherto.

But at the end, a lot of Barrister Donald agents would be arrested which would eventually lead to Barrister Donald capture and persecution.
This is because its all glaring that Barrister Donald has been on the run since years past and he is being shielded by some corrupt individuals that shared the scammed money with him.

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The above fake grant come about all because of the success of the scam grant and the dubious illegal funds generated from various registration across the country.
This scam would continue again this year and the gullible would still be giving them money all in the name and promised of fake millions.
My continuous posting about this scam would make them make half of the money they would make from lying to scamming and telling them that they would become Directors/chairmen from parting with some hard money and them in turn making millions from the scam.

The above can be described as an advanced ponzi scheme where u pH and gh. There is nothing like all these scandalous grants mentioned above.
Its just a plot by some individuals to scam millions and get rich quick syndrome that many Nigerians easily fall for.

My TAKE: I have in my little wisdom reported these NGOs and their fraudulent activities and I thank God that the heat is very much on some of them now to close shop and tell their fillers and beneficiaries the truth and nothing but the truth that indeed that there has been no grant and never again would such scam and fraud ever happen again”.

Meanwhile ourworldgist is determined more than ever before to unravel the full stories behind all these grants: therefore, stay connected.

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