Breaking: Ag National Secretary Of Telpecon, Kase Nancy N. Releases Full Details Of Meeting Held 19th February 2021

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The acting (Ag ) secretary of TELPECON , Kase Nancy N, has released full details of meeting held at Abuja on 19th February 2021 that sacking of three executives.
He gave the details of the meeting as follows:


The meeting started at 10: 47 am, coordinated by Apostle Ken Nwakanma.
The opening prayer was led by Alfa Kolo and Pastor Elisha Elishama.
Praise and worship started at 10:54 am and it was led by our president. Which ended at 12 :10 am.
Dr. Samson Okah gave a word of encouragement saying TELPECON is one and has not divided it self. He appreciated all that were present and said we are all here for the truth. He further said if you hide the truth you truncate the destiny of prosperity.

Introduction of members went on in this order.
¡. Name of NGO leader
¡¡. Name of NGO
¡¡¡. ID card number.
Total number of attendees was 157 Executive excluded.

Message by the president titled; ” IF THERE IS NOTHING TO HIDE THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR “. culled from the book of John 8 : 31.

He went ahead and said Life is a seed. What you sow is what you reap. He further said if you live for the truth you will go far in life. Above all life is about where you spend eternity.
He emphasised on love for one another no matter where you are coming from and which language you speak.

The president described TELPECON as an organisation on a rescue mission.
Grant was expected from two donors as was disclosed by the consultant.
The president said that according to the consultant that grant approved was amounted to the total sum of seven hundred billion US dollars ( $700, 000, 000, 000,00.) This amount was consistently the same for two months, until the third months when the figure changed.
This discrepancy made the president to request for the TELEX COPY of the grant not minding the amount as it was our right to ask for it but, was not given. The president directed that an official letter should be written to the consultant prof. Prince Isong to release the TELEX COPY of the grant.
The letter was written signed but not delivered by the office of the secretary. In clearing the air the president said no money is paid into TELPECON account. He further said the TELEX COPY is the way forward as it is the right of TELPECON. His speech ended at 12 : 35pm.

Dr. Okah further said that we need to call the consultant to order, as he was employed and paid to work for TELPECON and not to be dictating for TELPECON

At 12 : 54 the secretary Bar. Asogbon Godwin O. came up after observing all the protocols he listen all the allegations leveled against him and was able to defend himself to an extend. He also told the house that the consultant has travel this January 2021 and had signed TELPECON grant claims and a disbursement joint board was inaugurated to look into the matter of disbursement and make sure disbursement is successful.
Amb. Damian Amarachukwu .The financial secretary raised an issue about a project account where the president and financial secretary positions and signatures were misplaced in the profiled of signatories and withdrawals were made without their consents and approval
Mr Apeh Anthony. Quoted TELPECON constitution article 28 section 1 which state that the president of TELPECON is category A signatory to every account of TELPECON.
Dr. Adayi also told the BOT that they are progressing in error and advised that every matter regarding TELPECON should be in the open and was supported by Engr. Alieze Ekpa.
Engr. Chinedu ( stone base ) urged TELPECON to take action and get the said document. He made a call to dissolve the disbursement committee that was set up illegally.
Mr. Steve Toluwase talked about the abuse of office and position. He asked the Secretary to step down from his position.
Queen Made.
a. Moved a motion for the disbursement joint board be dissolve.
b. Every money withdrawn illegally should be refunded immediately.
c. The account should be closed.
d. TELPECON and prof. I song or his foundation does not have a joint account.
Dr. Emeka Isreal. Ask the Secretary to step down and that TELPECON is not a one man business but a consortium of NGO.
David Nosakhare. further said BOT and EXCO should step up to their duties as it was their loopholes that was taken advantage of.
Dr. Nelson Ogbemudia. Emphasised on the excess expression of power by the office of the secretary and also call for the removal of the secretary Mr Asogbon. He asked that members should be selected to see prof. Isong for reconciliation.
Dr. Okah. Suggested that the illegal disbursement committee should be dissolve, seconded by Dr. Adayi Gabriel.
Ekpa.Move the motion that the BOT chairman, National secretary and the treasurer should step down and was seconded by Emeka Kama.
Predicated on all the above the president Dr. Elochukwu Mamah Cyril, using his Veto powers ordered that : –
¡. Bishop Nkanta Gideon M. BOT chairman.
¡¡. Bar. Asogbon Godwin O. National secretary.
¡¡¡. Joy Anih. Treasurer.
Should step down from their offices immediately and hand over all documents of TELPECON in their possession to the president and it was seconded by the general house.

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The following ( 4 ) person were appointed to take over from them.
¡. Dr. Okah Samson. BOT chairman
¡¡. Kase Nancy N. Ag. National Secretary
¡¡¡. Toluwase Steve. Asst. National Secretary
¡v. Odey William. Treasurer
The president further appreciated the spirit of love and humility in the house.
Barr. Asogbon Godwin O. Appreciated the president and the general house for assistance in the course of his service as the secretary of TELPECON in his words I quote” A good leader must know how to say sorry ” . He apologised for all the times he failed TELPECON. He also promised to support the disbursement process and the newly appointed acting Secretary.
Thereafter a reconciliation team of 13 person was appointed to see prof. Prince Isong for the grant document.

F. Conclusion
The president ended the meeting by appreciating the leaders and encourage them to hold unto God as everything is going to be alright.

He further advised all and sundry to be discrete in passing information as leaders.
The meeting ended at about 4 : 15 pm with the words of prayers by the president.
Thank you all. I remain your humble
Kase Nancy N.
Ag. National secretary.

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