Telpecon’s Chairman Gives Update After A Long Time

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The chairman’s of Telpecon’s, ELOMAMAH has given update after a long time from media.

According to ELOMAMAH, all the lingering issues standing against Telpecon’s disbursement had been amicably resolved adding that victory is certain against all odds.

ELOMAMAH who appreciated the effort of the Wise Cluster’s Chairman in resolving the matter, also thanked the potential beneficiaries for their patient all along stressing that disbursement would follow sooner than expected.

Part of his statement reads:
“On behalf of the UNITED LEADERSHIP OF TELPECON, we appreciate our excellent Reconciliation Committee.

Your prayers, lobbying, sleepless nights and relentless efforts to rebuild the broken walls of TELPECON have yielded effortlessly. It is not by might or power, but by the Spirit of God working through you. Thank you for a job well done.

Just like the Old Israeli nation which would go to battle only to discover that God has gone ahead of them to vanquish their enemies, we are so victorious in all our ways by this emergency envoy. You are the best.

We appreciate you wise Cluster Chairmen and other Directors for your understanding of the times and seasons we now live in.

After our ordeals at the disbursement points of the previous program, you have proved that it is not only the NCs that have learnt the bitter lesson of NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER, but you also.

Thank you for participating in this open reconciliation process. We appreciate your simplicity and faith in us, most especially, your patience when it was hardest to retain.

Thanks a lot for curdling the host of beneficiaries under you care. Without you we could not have sailed through this. We shall celebrate together as collaborators because you are worth it. Congrats!

While we await the next step of our key leaders towards achieving our expected goal which is DISBURSEMENT, we implore every well meaning member of this noble organization to remain calm and resolute as Leadership sits with all stakeholders to deliver shortly”.

Recall that Telpecon is one of the rumoured grants in Nigeria since 2018 that is yet to deliver.

Meanwhile, OurWorldGist¬†who is your friend in information dissemination will be on standby to update you as Telpecon’s activities resume after a long break.

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