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Privilege vs Right: Clear Distinction Between Privilege And Right For Marlians To take Note By Sani Michael Omakoji

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There is no denying the fact that the young generation of this day identified as Marlians  see things differently from normal people.

These Marlians claim right where they are supposed to give appreciation for privilege or favoured extended to them.

These Marlians hardly know the difference between right and privilege thus it is against this background that one of  OurWorldGist  reliable Writers, Sani Michael Omakoji gives apt thought on “privilege and right”.

Let us read what he has to say:
“Don’t Mistake Privilege To Be Your Right.

‘Privilege’ and ‘right’ are not synonymous to one another as there is great distinction between them.

Privilege is something you get by favour or out of sympathy while ‘right’ is something you are legally entitled to.

For example, it is a privilege you have that brother, Sister, uncle or that friend who tries to assist you one way or the other as they are not under obligation or ‘duress’ to saddle any of your responsibility.

Similarly, it is your right not a ‘privilege’ for you to enjoy good governance from those who are at the helm of authority.

In a related example, it is also your right to enjoy your father’s or your mother’s properties with your other siblings.

With heart of appreciation, anytime you enjoy privilege, appreciate the doer so that he or she can do more instead of showing an act of ingrate or ingratitude.

In light of the above, it is pertinent to stress here that one can use whatever means such as negotiations, campaign through media or pressure group and even ‘force’ to get his or her right but it becomes an abuse to use the same means to get privilege.

This distinction is important in this Marlians’ Era as virtually all of them believe privilege is synonymous to right and as such their Siblings and friends are vendetta for needless blasphemies whereas their rights in the hands of those in authority are left ‘undemanded’ as they rather use that time for doing yahoo, yahoo, “legging”, ” heading ” and such other uncustomary ventures.

May God help this Marlians’ generation and bless the noble children out there”.

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