Theobarth Grant Set To Meet Its Waterloo – Alfred Odiang

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Theobarth Grant hopeful Alfred Odiang has said that those using the purported grant to cajole Nigerians will soon meet their Waterloo.

Alfred Odiang in a Telephone conservation with OurWorldGist on Sunday afternoon being 25th July 2021dropped this hint while expressing his bitterness over how some people have been using invisible grants to extort money from Vulnerable Nigerians who are looking for grants to better their lives.

According to Alfred in a strong tone: “After SEM &TELPECON came and faded away without fulfilling their promises to Nigerians, Theobarth came with “fire promising tone” that he was going to deliver grant to Nigerians within the short possible period.

This its promised to deliver since March 2021 after Telpecon abruptly postponed its disbursement till September 2021 but five months after nothing has happened.

The worst of it all, the management of this so-called grant collect money from anticipated beneficiaries to facilitate the grant but since 2015 that this whole drama started, no single Nigerian has gotten this grant in question.

Having witnessed this scam all along, I can assure Theobarth that they have met their Waterloo for participating in this fraudulent practice.

I won’t disclose my plan on how to deal with them but they must vomit all the money they have collected from Vulnerable Nigerians”.

Meanwhile,  ourWorldGist  will update you as Theobarth continue to promise “disbursement” soon.

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