Theobarth Grant; Jeremiah Xtrays His Perspective On The Authenticity Of The Grant

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As Beneficiaries of  Theobarth Grant  continue to wait for the disbursement, one of the beneficiaries hopeful, Peace Jeremiah has xtrayed on the authenticity of the grant.

In a Facebook post, she writes thus:
“I sat down on my own and considered some fact that have made me to strongly believe that Theobarth is real.

Theobarth has a physical contact address not an online stuff.

Ambassador Theophilus own a church with many members how would his church members rate him if fails to disburse?

I don’t think the man would have been showing his face publicly and be boldly telling the public that he will disburse.

Remember that we have many law enforcement in this country that one or two must have heard about his grant and would have gone after him if what he is saying are fake.

I think in among over 300 NGOs registered under Theobarth includes well learned people, well financially okay, well connected people who know people that that matter in this country.

Do you think these people must have not reasoned and see the reality of the grant before deciding to associate their NGO to it?

Don’t you think that ambassador Theophilus is a real man before Great people he has been associating with him and many awards has been given to him, just like the recent award that has to do with many prominent people.

However I understand how people are so much in need of this grant to reform their lives, I also understand how it can physically and emotionally affect many people negatively.

God forbid he fails as it might cause death to some base on how am seeing someone I know reacting toward this grant.

I can also understand how this grant can bring a deep smile to many Nigerians faces when it finally become a reality.

I strongly believe that ambassador Theophilus has gotten the money and ready to disburse soon.

Believe me that 10,000,000 to 20,000,000 out of the 50,000,000 people that are to be empowered with N1.8M will be established and build up to own a Big and strong companies in future by so they will reduce future unemployment and I pray asking God to give ambassador Theophilus the grace to finish what he has started and promised.

Also I speak for the grace and wisdom for all beneficiaries to grow from their N1.8M to billions.

Hmmm so sad that I haven’t register with any of the grant as I have only get to hear about the grant few days back and was told all have closed.

How I come across this group is through google search then I followed up many post, there to utube then to my personal reasoning to see reality of Theobarth then I decided to post this.

I personally believe Theobarth is 100% real but am so sad that I heard it after all grants have closed,

Am sure that God almighty will have other ways to bless me too.

Our expectations shall not be cut short. Amen”.

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