Theobarth : If You Are Out To Help The Poor, Why Are You Demanding N500, 000 Before Disbursement ? – Helen Okowa

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One of the Theobarth Grant Hopefuls, Helen Okowa, has questioned Apostle Theophilous Ebonyi, the Chief Executive Officer of Theobarth, why he is demanding Five Hundreds thousand Naira ( N500,000 ) only from each clusters before disbursement.

Helen Okowa in a telephone conversation with ourworldgist from Delta, on Tuesday morning being 19th July 2022, has said that if truly Apostle Theophilous Ebonyi, is out to help the poor masses as claimed from the beginning of the Theobarth’s quest, to give grant, why now asking each cluster to pay as high as N500, 000 before disbursement?

Mrs Helen added that, the excuse by the Theobarth that the Federal Government doesn’t want too much money in circulation for the fear of inflation as reason for Theophilous Ebonyi to collect N500,000 from 100 clusters before disbursement is not tenable.

Helen Okowa speaks further: “We are made to understand from the onset that the grant was meant to help the poor masses but now Apostle Theophilous Ebonyi, is reportedly demanding the whooping sum of N500,000 before he can disburse.

” You can you be claiming to be assisting the masses but extorting money from them in a crooked way ?

” And again, Apostle Theophilous Ebonyi, should stop speaking in parable on his Facebook account rather he should come out openly and address beneficiary hopefuls.

” Theobarth should fear God and stop this inhumane way of getting money from the poor and those so-called people praising him to advance his satanic enterprise should also fear God!

“Apostle Theophilous Ebonyi, should proof himself right now by disbursing the grant, if any, else he should stop this age long drama with countless episodes”.

News is currently trending on social media that Theobarth is set to disburse but Mr Theophilous Ebonyi, has not officially addressed the beneficiary hopefuls rather he prefers to post on social media in indirect speech.

Meanwhile, ourworldgist is monitoring the unfolding development to see how it plays out to its logical conclusion.

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