Yahoo Business In Public Domain As Jeezz’s Photo Trends

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The attention of Nigerians on Social Media was yet again brought to the business of Yahoo on Thursday afternoon being 18th August 2022, as a photo of a teenager identified as “Jeezz” who is in early seventeen – making wave in yahoo business trends on Instagram.

The photo of “Jeezz” which is currently trending on Instagram &  Twitter revealed how the young man is living in affluence.

While one of the photos shows a picture of him with millions of Naira on a desk, another also showed him with his girlfriend relaxing. 

From the thousand of comments under his photos, many have attributed his affluence to yahoo business, while others believed he must have made his money from another source.

Two of the posts against and for him that generated a lot of reactions are : To Sam, ” I Was just playing around on Instagram.. Stumbled on this guy’s profile, Jeezz .. This gotta be the hottest gee yahoo boy in Nigeria right nowl… And I think he is so young to be in this illicit business, call yahoo “.

To “Ajebo Danny ” When you see a young man buy a G-wagon, do you ever think “Oh he probably got a 1st class in school”? Nah First thought is he’s a yahoo boy —because we believe education can’t get a young man wealth, that’s how you know school is a scam!”.

According to OurWorldGist, ” Yahoo Business ” is a new phenomenon in Nigeria that involves ritual and diabolic means of acquiring wealth.

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