Kogi Governor Accused of Plotting Violence to Blame Rival Candidate

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In a shocking turn of events, the Muritala Yakubu Ajaka Gubernatorial Campaign Organization of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) has leveled serious accusations against the Governor of Kogi State, Mr. Yahaya Bello.

According to Faruk Adejoh-Audu, the Director of Communications for the SDP campaign, Governor Bello is allegedly planning a sinister scheme to attack his own supporters and pin the blame on their candidate, Alhaji Muritala Ajaka.

Adejoh-Audu stated, “This fiendish plot is designed to be unleashed tomorrow, Thursday, September 12, on unsuspecting persons in the course of a rally scheduled to be held in support of the APC candidate, Mr. Usman Ododo, at Ajaka, the hometown of the SDP candidate.”

He further detailed the allegations: “Information available to us indicates that Mr. Bello’s multitudes of thugs have been detailed to open fire on buses conveying supporters, rented crowds, and Local Government civil servants who have been forcefully compelled to attend the rally on their way to the event. The thugs, who are to be dressed in SDP vests, are also detailed to open fire at the rally venue to maim and kill participants in order to create maximum mayhem and blame it on our candidate and his supporters.”

The motive behind this alleged plot, according to Adejoh-Audu, is to enable Mr. Bello to procure security forces to clamp down on their supporters and execute mass arrests.

This, in turn, is intended to instill fear in Kogi residents who have resolved to support Ajaka and remove Bello from power.

Moreover, Adejoh-Audu claimed, “Furthermore, Mr. Bello, leveraging on the planned dubious attack tomorrow, will unleash his thugs on the SDP campaign train, particularly whenever it gets to the West and Central Senatorial District and claim it was a ‘retaliatory attack because APC supporters were attacked’ at the hometown of the SDP Candidate.”

These allegations bring back memories of past incidents, as Adejoh-Audu pointed out: “This was the same tactic used on November 17, 2019, when the PDP Woman leader was burnt alive.

Bello and his minions claimed it was a retaliatory attack because some APC supporters were attacked.”

The SDP campaign has faced numerous challenges and acts of violence in the past, including attacks on their State Secretariat and supporters.

The situation escalated when the Governor himself allegedly led gunmen to shoot at the vehicle of their candidate on June 3, this year.

In response to these allegations, Adejoh-Audu emphasized that Alhaji Ajaka condemns violence and called upon law enforcement authorities to provide maximum security and protection for participants of the APC rally scheduled for Ajaka town to prevent any potential violence.

The seriousness of these accusations casts a dark shadow over the political landscape in Kogi State, raising concerns about the use of violence in electoral processes and the safety of political candidates and their supporters.

Quoting Faruk Adejoh-Audu, Director of Communications for the Muritala Yakubu Ajaka Gubernatorial Campaign Organization, Social Democratic Party (SDP): “This fiendish plot is designed to be unleashed tomorrow, Thursday, September 12, on unsuspecting persons…

The motive of this cruel plot is to enable Mr. Bello procure security forces to clamp down on our supporters in order to execute a mass arrest that will drive fear into Kogites who have resolved to support Ajaka and dislodge Bello and his gang of outlaws from power.”

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