SDP Accuses Kogi Police Commissioner, Onuoha Of Playing Partisanship Politics In A Strong Worded Letter

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In a strongly-worded letter addressed to   Mr Bertrand Onuoha, Kogi State Police Commissioner, Faruk Adejoh-Audu, Spokesman and Director of Communications for the Muri/Sam Governorship Campaign Council, has raised serious allegations of complicity and partisanship against the commissioner.

A letter dated December 1, 2023, from the Muri/Sam Governorship Campaign Council to Mr. Bethrand Onuoha, accuses the Kogi State Police Commissioner of involvement in promoting an insurrection at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Office in Lokoja.

The Letter signed by Faruk Adejoh-Audu, alleges a series of incidents pointing to Commissioner Onuoha’s partisan engagement.

Key points to take note:

Threats and Intimidation:
The letter expresses bewilderment at Commissioner Onuoha’s response to the Campaign Council’s statement, highlighting the use of threats and intimidation instead of addressing the concerns raised.

Complicity in INEC Office Insurrection:
The Campaign Council maintains that Commissioner Onuoha was privy to the alleged insurrection by thugs of Governor Yahaya Bello, accusing him of deploying police personnel to collaborate with the thugs in an attack on their legal team.

Previous Antecedents:
Referring to past events, the letter accuses Commissioner Onuoha of orchestrating attacks, including the invasion of the DG’s residence, resulting in the death of policemen and innocent civilians. It also mentions a previous statement alleging the formation of a rogue force by Commissioner Onuoha.

Alleged Thuggery:
The letter accuses Commissioner Onuoha of turning a blind eye to thugs roaming freely in Lokoja with firearms, citing specific incidents where known individuals were involved in violence without facing consequences.

Political Bias:
The Campaign Council emphasizes Commissioner Onuoha’s descent into partisan politics, contrasting it with the commendable neutrality of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Olukayode Egbetokun.

Uninvestigated Attacks:
The letter questions the lack of investigation into previous attacks on the Campaign Council’s members, suggesting a pattern of selective inaction by Commissioner Onuoha.

In Conclusion, Faruk Adejoh Audu, summarised the letter by challenging Commissioner Onuoha to professionally and conclusively investigate recent violent attacks in Kogi State, emphasizing the duty of the police to secure the state.

This letter adds fuel to the ongoing political tensions in Kogi State, raising serious questions about the role of law enforcement in maintaining a fair and secure electoral process.

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