The Veteran Gospel Singer Elijah Abalaka, In A philosophical Sense, Says, “GOSPEL MUSIC DOESN’T PAY”

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Veteran gospel Singer, Elijah Abalaka, in kogi state from IGALA     speaking extraction in a philosophical statement explains why some people say “Gospel Music Doesn’t Pay”.

In a 14 paragraphs write-up, Elijah Abalaka, writes thus:
“I heard this somewhere, I think from a young minister who I guess was struggling with his Music ministry and it really baffled me. Who has bewitched this generation? How can you say Gospel music doesn’t pay? Is it secular music that pays? Are you saying that the devil pays more than God? God forbid! The devil can never pay more than the God I know.

This Gospel Music that people say doesn’t pay, it is this same Gospel Music that I have lived my whole life on. I have a degree but I have never actually used that degree to try and get a white-collar job or such.

This same Gospel music that “doesn’t pay” is what I used to train myself through school, got married and raised 6 amazing biological children and even other children that aren’t mine.

This same Gospel music that “doesn’t pay” is what has given me the name I have today, it is what I’m still living on till today, so, who did you look at and conclude that “Gospel music does not pay”?

I remember when I was just about 11-13 years old, that was the time I started writing songs, I was staying with an uncle of mine then who had a Guitar and I just took his Guitar to play one night, he insulted the life out of me and sent me packing that very late in the night.

In his words “I’ll never be able to afford a Guitar in my lifetime”

Today, I can buy as many Guitars as I want, almost all my children play the Guitar. What made it possible? Gospel Music

Going to school then, there was no money to transport myself to school so I’d join the pickup trucks that came to transport palm oil from my village.

I’d stay in the back, my clothes would be soaked with red oil but today, I have cars of my own, how was this possible? Gospel Music

This is just a little out of the catalogue of humbling stories I haven’t shared with the world yet, not even through my songs.

The problem with young men and women of this generation is that they want glory without a story. You started singing last year and you’re expecting that by this year, your fame should have spread round the world? Even Jesus was a nobody for 30 years until His time came.

Stay with God, not for fame, not for money, just sincerely seek and desire a true relationship with him and He will give you songs that will transcend your very existence. My songs are proof that God can speak through a man to even generations after him.

Maybe you’re right, maybe Gospel Music doesn’t pay but I know of someone who does: God! God pays, God rewards and nobody can pay higher or better than Him.

So, when next you hear someone say “Gospel Music does not pay”, show him my picture and tell him you know someone who has been paid and is still being paid heavily by the songs God gave him.
I’m a living proof that God pays and He pays well!

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