Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State In A pixmix photo with the Bad Ganaja road

Residents Of Lokoja Hail Governor Yahaya Bello As Less Than 5Km Road Becomes Impassable In The State Capital

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After appealing to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State to construct a township road linking Lokoja to Ganaja on many occasions, and he failed, Residents at Lokoja in what seemed like a mock or a peaceful protest, are now using the picture of the said road and that of Governor Yahaya Bello combined as their status photo on social media especially     Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

The likely status write-ups that accompany this pixmix photo reads:
” Governor Yahaya Bello, Weldon oooo! You want to be President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, but you cannot construct a state capital road within Lokoja that is less than 5 kilometres ? Oga, Thank God you failed presidential bid woefully oooo 😀😀”

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State In A pixmix photo with the Bad Ganaja road

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State In A pixmix photo with the Bad Ganaja road

From one Oyiza, ” Governor Yahaya Bello, the money you wasted to print posters while you were “dreamless” to become the president of Nigeria was enough to construct this Ganaja road not to even talk of the one hundred million Naira you paid for All progressive Congress ( APC ) ‘s form “.

To another resident, identified as Aziz, ” Governor Yahaya Bello, how do you feel seeing this road remain a dearth trap to residents of Lokoja and travellers from Eastern part of country who are also using the road? Or is it because you are not staying in Lokoja, but operating your government from Abuja?”

To Ozovehe, ” I wonder how you would have ruled Nigeria if you cannot even construct a less than a 5 km road in the state capital where you are a Governor! Shame on you! ”

” To Abubakar, he posted, ” Helicopter Governor, after you stole our mandate, you cannot even construct a less than 5 km road to justify your stealing ? You will not leave that seat unpunished”.

To Ogedege, she posted, ” I learned of your thugs was badly dealt with in Ganaja during your Wuruwuru election that imposed you on the good people of Kogi state and because of that you forbid Ganaja not to do anything for them not even the state capital road… Governor Yahaya Bello, shame on you as your days are numbered “.

To Hussein, he posted, ” I am an Ebira man, but truth must be told, you have failed us woefully not just abandoning this Ganaja road but looking at your general performance “.

The posts go on and on by thousand of Lokoja residents and those from Kogi who have idea of the said road.

Ganaja road is one of the roads in the state capital that has made movement unbearable as the road remain impassable for almost five years plus.

A conglomeration of investigation conducted by Nigerian Union of Bloggers, revealed that, the Government of the day in Kogi state has abandoned the road following the rift between the government of day and the residents of Ganaja which the state government felt did not vote for APC during the gubernatorial election conducted in the state in November 2019.

If the report is anything to go bye, the residents of the area are still appealing to Governor Yahaya Bello to avoid playing the politics of bitterness and construct the road immediately without further delay as users of the road have suffered enough.

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