Okai ‘s Close Door Meeting In Ogbabede Caught Sight Of Love & Emotion

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Usman Austin Okai ‘s preplanned visit to Ogbabede in Dekina Local Government Area , Kogi State for a close door meeting with the Peoples Democratic Party’s ( PDP) stakeholders on 1st September 2022, was a moment of Love and an emotion combined according an eye witness account.

Sani Michael Omakoji, reports, ” I followed Usman Austin Okai’s political team to one of the largest and most populated wards in Nigeria, OGBABEDE, with the intention to observe the proceedings, but I was flabbergasted with the show of love that engulfed Okai by the people of the area.

First reception was a magical motorbike ride displayed by Okada Riders of the area right from Abocho town through Udanebiomi, to pass along Ajagbichi, Ajatokolo, Ofogo, Ajogwoni, Ajatakpechi, to branch at Ajita and a sensational U-turn to Agada all the way to Ogbabede town was not just breath taking but also unprecedented.

When I asked one of the Riders as at the time we stopped over at Ajita why this noisy home coming, the Rider in a yellow uniform full of excitement answered in pidgin language, ” Bros, no be our fault ooo! But this is to let the whole world know that this is the first time we are having one of our own vying for such an exalted position as “Federal House of Representative”, Bros Mi, this no be joke ye oooo! This is the source of our happiness, oooo! Seyi you gerrit?” Okada man added as he took another breath taking ride away.

Fast forward to an emotional moment at Agada, which happens to be the maternal home of Usman Austin Okai.

This is where a retired Mistress, OMA OJOMA, in company of Mrs Mary Labija, Mrs Jumoh Odawu amongst others told Okai how they had nice time and unforgettable memories with her late mother, Chocho Abu a.k.a. ” UnyoAba”.

Usman Austin Okai With Veteran Retired Mistress, OMA Ojoma

Usman Austin Okai With Veteran Retired Mistress, OMA Ojoma Along Side Mrs Mary Labija, Uncle Sunday Abuh & Others.

Okai who was visibly wearing a mix feeling of joy and a look of a sad memory while struggling to respond to the cheering crowd was later led away by his uncle, Mr Sunday Abuh”.

This is just the side attraction of what happened during Usman Austin Okai’s visit to Ogbabede Ward, as his close door meeting with PDP’s stakeholders is not for public consumption”.

Sani Michael Omakoji, Reporting from Ogbabede Land.

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